Why Youtube Is Banned in Pakistan?

More than a year, Youtube has been banned here in Pakistan. No one talks about that. Why they banned that? Why they’ve not been talking about? I know that thing is controversial but there are many things which are but they don’t ban them. Youtube is a great and easy of knowledge and information too. Some insincere and foolish people don’t want that informative website opened. They say that its democracy in Pakistan. Where is that democracy. Prove that. You can’t.

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Request To White House and CIA

I don’t write about political issues but also a sensible person cant be untouched with these kind of things and issues because if we do then we hide our voice which isnt right I think. Also you guys would be known about Socrates’ famous quote about politics. Worst things have been happening in Pakistan since yesterday. You can see on tv and over the internet.


I don’t need to write details because relative people like White House and CIA better know about what they said regarding democracy in Pakistan. I know they doing that in great interest of America but if they support fair politicians in Pakistan then it could be better not only for Pakistan but for whole world. There is no doubt in this thing that majority of Pakistanis is corrupt and has low civic sense so they need a better leader. Not a corrupt. Now Pakistanis have been doing their best to go to other countries for earning money so if they would have a suitable conditions then why they won’t do that. Also you should know that mostly corrupt people get succeed in migration because they misuse the system and become wealthier to go abroad. But a talented person cant do that because he or shes honest too.


Not only in Pakistan, but in every part of the world White House and CIA should play a global role which could be beneficial for whole world. There;s no rocket science. That’s so simple. Promote honesty and fairness. No technology and no money can give peace to societies but honesty, love, sympathy, humanity can save this world. So promote those qualities and people with those qualities. Also I know that its not that easy to do but its only best way to bring peace and love on the earth. I love and admire American, European, Canadian, Australian people. You know why I do that. Because they have civic sense, they are peaceful, they like honesty, they love humanity, they promote moral values etc. Have a great weekend, guys

Need For Speed Is Boring Indeed

Don’t you think that? I loved Trailer of Need For Speed because it thrilled me but watching the film was so disappointing. Even you can say that it hurt me because I wasted my time just. Story is so poor I’m sure. I can imagine that if you guys would have watched the movie then how much stunned you’d be. Unfortunately I cant recommend that one because it would be just waste of time and you guys know that time is money. Need for Speed game is much better than the movie.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Few weeks ago I watched Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and loved very much. I didn’t expect that I’d love the movie that much as history isn’t my genre. That’s why I don’t watch movies where they discuss history. More vampire thing is not acceptable for me most of times. But I won’t hesitate to appreciate maker of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter who made such an awesome film. A real fiction with a lot of professionalism. After long time I watched a Hollywood movie and loved a lot. I won’t hesitate to recommend that film to you guys. Don’t miss that if you’re a true movie geek. I ignored the movie many times because I though it wont be a nice one but I regret when I watch it. I regeret that I hadn’t watched the film earlier. Have a great weekend, my Australian, Korean and Kevi guys

2nd Road Accident-Biker Hit Me This Time

Today a MF sonovwhitch biker with speed of above 80 km/h speed hit me from behind. I was out of town with my villager guy to get him admission so I left my Korean class to go with him then that bad thing happened. No bleeding but surely fractures on arm and leg as they arent working properly couldn’t work properly for few days, arm could take more time I think because the bike hit me with high speed. Two teenager guys were on bike hit me and ran away like bullet. I feel on left side of road. Then stood but pain and anger had covered me fully. I was stunned because road was empty, no other vehicle was coming or going. He did that intentionally, seemed like a murder attempt. I asked my the guy had he noted number plate of the bike. He couldn’t because of speed, he said. Even if he tried maybe they had no number plate as it’s a common thing here in Pakistan that people run bikes even when they don’t have legal documents and authority to drive it. Two years ago same thing happened when a vehicle hit me. Interesting thing is that when that accident happened we were in middle of a police station and two cops on bike. Station was about 300 meters behind and cops were about 100 meters ahead of us. But I couldn’t report because those ..ucking guys were disappeared in seconds. I had no description and informative data about them except they teenager students with blue shirts. So report thing was useless to do

Tarzan-Wanna Get Lost There

Just finished watching animated movie Tarzan. Loved that film. Especially nature they showed. Amazing and awesome jungle full of innocent animals and birds. Water fall and raining were mind blowing. Important part of a story; a happy ending. Overall I loved Tarzan. Even that wasn’t a unique or a new idea but was great though. The movie has many beautiful emotions and feelings such as love, friends, family, relationship matters etc. But main thing is that forest which they show. That’s superb. You can say that story of Tarzan is a bit inspired by hall of fame Avatar movie. I’m sure you guys would love that one. That is not only for kids but for all ages.

EPS TOPIK-New Challenge of My Life

EPS TOPIK means Employment Permit System Test of Proficiency in Korean. South Korea has a visa lottery system which allows different people from different countries from Asia to work there even Chinese citizens apply for that. Fortunately I’m selected by that program and now all I’ve to do is passing EPS TOPIK. Only luck and hard work can help me to get what I want. That’s not an easy task. Many of guys have failed the test. But thanks to God that I got enough time to get prepared and improve my Korean. Luck can work too as test contains mcqs you know so luck matters a lot I think. But also I’ve to improve Korean as much as I can. Fortunately I’ve been enjoying a lot to learn that strange language and it has been seeming so interesting to me. EPS TOPIK is a great thing introduced by Korean government which helps need people to make their lives better. Everyone has right to live a happy life. Thanks a lot to South Korea