Most Favorite Pop Song 2014

Ary abhi to party shru hoi hai…Jis ko dance nein karna wo ja kar apni bhains charae…ha ha ha. Best pop song ever listened. Even you don’t understand Hindi or Urdu but still you can enjoy the song because of rocking music. Lyrics is amazing. That’s weekend song but applicable whenever you’re tensed. lol. Khubsurat is a beautiful movie. I’ve not watched the film intentionally so I think I shouldn’t write much about but I’m not hesitant to write that I’ve not disliked Khubsurat. If you understand Hindi or Urdu, or you watch Bollywood films then that movie would be a good choice for you. Simple but interesting. Not much glamorous and high budget but still has some professionalism involved which impresses a movie geek.

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House of Wax-An Amazing Horror

I watched that movie many weeks ago but I really loved that one and still I can’t forget it. House of Wax is like other common horror movies especially more like Wrong Turn but this film didn’t get me bored. I enjoy watching that one. Also I’m not hesitant to suggest that one to you guys. If you love horror movies or you wanna watch a good movie then it is your thing. Especially when you’re home alone then this movie gonna really scare you. You need to be brave enough to watch House of Wax alone. A good one for weekend night.

Do You Wanna Learn Korean?

I can teach Korean. Wherever you’re, despite your location, I can teach you Korean language. As you guys know that I had been learning Korean for five months and now I know this sweet language enough so I can teach others too especially I can really help about preparation for EPS TOPIK. You’re in Pakistan or any other part of the world, now you can learn Korean at your home easily in a friendly environment.

That won’t be free of cost but I assure you that fee would be nothing almost. I’m sure you guys must know about online classes. That would be sufficient for me and student too. Interested guys can contact me for further details. More you should know that Korean is a sweet language which is so easy to learn. That’s not complicated and difficult like Chinese or Japanese.

Long Time…

Long time, I’ve not write something. I’ve not expressed my feelings, my thoughts and my activities. I was enjoying satisfaction and freedom which I had been passing through for months. Writing isnt easy. That makes you softer and easy to hurt so I kept away myself from that. In past days I’ve not watched movies much but one or two. Life wasn’t in control but now things are different. I’ve started to dream again. I’ve started to live again even still I need to be wishful and hopeful, still I’ve to find job and wait for Korea thing. Still I ll have to take medical check up for Korea in few days. After passing the check up I’ll be available to Korean employers. I’m very excited about that thing because it would be a turning point of my life. A result to my struggle of years. That’s not just five months struggle but it contains years, I’ve been doing my best but God always has right time to do things. Korea thing will open many doors such as love, relationship, job, freedom etc. I need your good wishes, guys. So don’t forget me in your prayers. Now you’ll see posts and movie reviews from me continuously.


First of all thanks a lot to all Might Allah who helped me to made that happen. Even I’m an aspiring writer but I couldn’t write that how much happy I was when I saw score after right after taking the test. Past months were so hard so passing the test making me feel amazing. I was feeling like a lady who had given birth to a sweet baby but my “baby born” after five months just LOL I was flying in air. Not only I passed the test but secured good marks that are 144/200.

Last night I was in Islamabad with primary school fellow. His place was just few steps away form test centre. It rained early morning and late night which made Islamabad weather colder and loved it. After passing the test I was dying to come home to chill, to joy, to dance and to share my happiness. I don’t know what happen in future but am happy enough for now. Thanks a lot to God and thanks a lot to everyone wished me luck and prayed for my success.

Home Sweet Home

Home is a place where you’re what you’re actually. Your home is a place where you don’t need to pretend, you don’t need to act, you don’t hide something and you don’t need to spoil your freedom that is your natural. That’s what your home can give you only. Freedom is first and must step for happiness and success. Your home gives your freedom. Better homes build better societies. Respect your and others freedom. That thing secures peace and understanding in a society. That is a rule every developed and civilized society follows. Your own home gives you freedom to make better decisions about relationship, friends, family, love and other matters those deal with life.

EPS TOPIK-So Close To Korea

In few days I’ll take EPS TOPIK. Wish me luck guys. Passing the test is first and must step. I’ve been studying Korean for 5 months. Now I know Korean a lil bit lol I’m not afraid about excited that I could make it happen. I could go to Korea to see a different society. I’ve heard a lot about South Korea and Korean people from our Korean instructor and returnees. They say that Korea is a lovely society full of nice Koreans. Peaceful and fantastic but just too populated. I request you guys to pray for my success that I’ll be telling you a good news about my Korean test. I’ve not been writing much because giving much to Korean because its hard to learn it. But also I’ve been loving to learn this strange but lovely language. I’m so close to my destination.