Home Sweet Home

Home is a place where you’re what you’re actually. Your home is a place where you don’t need to pretend, you don’t need to act, you don’t hide something and you don’t need to spoil your freedom that is your natural. That’s what your home can give you only. Freedom is first and must step for happiness and success. Your home gives your freedom. Better homes build better societies. Respect your and others freedom. That thing secures peace and understanding in a society. That is a rule every developed and civilized society follows. Your own home gives you freedom to make better decisions about relationship, friends, family, love and other matters those deal with life.

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EPS TOPIK-So Close To Korea

In few days I’ll take EPS TOPIK. Wish me luck guys. Passing the test is first and must step. I’ve been studying Korean for 5 months. Now I know Korean a lil bit lol I’m not afraid about excited that I could make it happen. I could go to Korea to see a different society. I’ve heard a lot about South Korea and Korean people from our Korean instructor and returnees. They say that Korea is a lovely society full of nice Koreans. Peaceful and fantastic but just too populated. I request you guys to pray for my success that I’ll be telling you a good news about my Korean test. I’ve not been writing much because giving much to Korean because its hard to learn it. But also I’ve been loving to learn this strange but lovely language. I’m so close to my destination.

Scotland referendum

I think I watched in news that majority of Scottish people voted to be part of UK. That was a great news for me because I believe that nationalities and boundaries are suppose to differentiate, not to divide us. The whole world should be together that is very hard but its possible that most of reigns could be one together. Devil wants to divide the world into many different parts such as religions, nationalities, languages, countries, states etc. I don’t know much about depth of the issue and matter but I think better thing happened few days ago. God bless the world. Peace to everyone.

Saddest Day-Kitten Died Last Night :(((

I had decided to not write until I take my Korean test but now I’ve to write. I’ve to write to kill my pain, I’ve to write to feel better, I’ve to write to forget her that I can’t. She was just one month and few days older. I can’t express my pain in words. Words haven’t been helping. I took her pictures and made video last day. But I didn’t know that she was gonna leave me forever. I’ve many pics and videos of hers in my pc but I wont watch, I’ll never watch because I wanna forget her. I’m just imagining that shes in heaven right now and playing with other kittens. Today I cant feel what parents feel when their kids die. Even she wasn’t my kid but I’m feeling deep pain and missing her very very much.

Its Raining…

Yeah. Its raining. Sensational moments for me. Mind blowing. Taking me away into another world. The world which doesn’t exist but in my and in my thoughts. A place like Utopia. Have you ever felt that? Dark night and raining. Raining in slow voice. No thunder no storm. But a sensational and heart touching voice of drops which come from skies and land on body of the earth. Those drops lose their identification and presence but their “death” give them a stronger “body”. They make rivers, they make streams, they clean soil and they give life. Have you ever heard raining while you’re laying on your bed, reading a book, watching a movie, listening music or talking with your beloved ones? If you’ve not then you missed amazing and fabulous moments which can take your breaths away. That’s pure life. Just taking breath isnt life but life is about moments which take your breaths away. A beautiful line from a beautiful romantic comedy Hitch. Happy Raining, guys

The Vow-I’ll Watch

Months ago I watched Hollywood romantic movie The Vow on tv partially. That was morning. I had to go out so I couldn’t finish the film but still I’ve decision that I’ll watch it sometime later soon. I loved story. Channing Tatum is in trouble in The Vow. Her beloved wife has lost her memory. I’m sure that I’ll love that movie and you guys would do too. The Vow is about relationship matters. Love and time they spent together but now they have to remind it which becomes hard for them.It rained a little bit this noon so weather is lovely and awesome. A better day to walk and to be home. Start if winter. A lovely and sensational cold season is about to happen. Wishes