Korean Language-Another Part of My Life

Yeah. Korean language. I’ve been busy in learning a new language. A new experice for me. A new opporutinity. A new dream. A new thought to think about. How that started? On 16th April one of my cousins asked to visit him to apply online. First I didn’t know that what was the real story and where I had to send documents. When I went, he told me that there was a chance to apply under Korean Employement Permit System. That works like lottery thing. 18th April was last day for submission of application. So I did submit my and his documents. But really I wasn’t sure about that I was gonna get that. But who knew even I wasn’t hopeful myself. On 22nd April right after five days they annouced winners name on www.oec.gov.pk and my name was there. I wasn’t much excited. On next monring I was going for an interview for a teaching job then a guy met and greeted. His excitement was strange for me. There were just two days for registration. He was wondered that why I was there and why I wasn’t going for registration for Korean language test. Then I came back and sat with cousin. I discussed that what I should do. He encouraged and I was in. Next day I went Islamabad for registration.


On 25th April I started to learn Korean. Honestly first I wasn’t sure that I could make that. One month wasn’t enough to learn a new language like Korean. But God helped a lot. He groomed interest for Korean inside me. Now my Korean language test will be held on 1st October 2014, three months to get prepared. Three of guys taken test, one passed and other two failed. Fortunately I got some extra time for improving my language. That’s a great help from God. I had lost all of my hopes and had decided to give up but God’s help appeared. You can say that was a miracle happening. Still I can’t believe. Nowadays all I’ve been doing is learning Korean and job hunting. Not only I’ve learned Korean but have got known much about Korean culture and people by our teacher Chaudhary Arshad who spend around ten years in there. Sir is a very nice person. Life in Korean made his nature more kind and more generous. He always praises Korean society and their values. He always motivate us to learn the language that we could go there and could know about an awesome society. He says that it would be an awesome day of our lives if we could make that happen. So all we can do now is working hard to learn Korean. Even its enough for me that my name is on Korean official website http://www.hrdkorea.or.kr Wish me luck, guys.

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Ram Leela-Most Recent One Which Almost Made Me Cry

Many of Bollywood and Hollywood movies made me cry and now Ram Leela has become one of those. I always write that I love happy ending movies and stories but most of filmmakers make sad ending movies. I can’t blame them because they have to earn money and usually sad ending films earn lots of money. Lets talk about Ram Leela-Golion Ki Ras Neela. That’s an romantic action movie. Ranvir and Depika acted awesomely. Story is so real. That happens and can happen in real life. You’d be agreed with me if you’re Indian or Pakistani person or you know well about these two societies. Tough and strict society values. Low civic sense. Lots of other matters which are commonly seen in a dead society. I didn’t expect that sad ending but it happened. But overall I loved the film. Lovely songs and music. That would be fiction for other people but for me its like a real story. I see happening those things in my daily life. But it could be a fiction for me if they would have made it a happy ending film.

Hitch-A Lovely Romantic Comedy

I watched romantic comedy Hitch years ago but yesterday I watched the movie for few minutes again and I loved it again. Will Smith played leading role but the other funny character really amused me and I’m sure that everyone of you would have loved the movie too especially the funny character. That’s a message too that do what you’re actually. That’s what you can do in your life especially in love and relationship things. Its always easy to be with nature so act natural and do what suits your nature. Things will get get better. There is no doubt in this thing that Hitch is a great Hollywood film which is full of romance and comedy. Special part is comedy which I don’t enjoy usually when it come from Hollywood film industry because I always write that they aren’t good at this genre. In short words you guys haven’t watched the movie then you’ve missed an awesome peace of art so don’t miss it anymore. Give that a chance. Love has no rocket science. That’s what you’ll while learn while you watch Hitch. Have a great weekend guys.

When I Feel Like Home?

Most of times I feel like I’m in jungle. No human is with me. I’m alone. I’m surrounded by things who don’t understand me. I’m surrounded by insects who can harm me. I’m surrounded by snakes. I’m surrounded by beasts. So I’ve take every step very cautiously. That thing makes me feel so uncomfortable. But when I watch a lovely movie then I don’t feel alone. I feel that yeah there’s someone else who thinks like me, who acts like me and who feels like me so am not alone. I feel like home. I feel safe. I feel comfortable. Movie characters are hard to find in real life. Even character makers are rare. But they are people I wanna be around and with. But I know that its not possible. It won’t happen. I’ve to live as it is. I’ve survive as it is. I tried to change things but couldn’t. I tried to run away but fell down. I can’t give up but I can’t try either. Life is more difficult than The Shawshank. Redemption isn’t that so easy. Even people live in jungles so I’ve to live too. But difference is that beasts in jungles aren’t that much cunning as much as beasts in cities are. That’s why its really hard to survive here. I don’t wanna be a beast but I’ll have to be one of them if I’ve to survive among them. Lets see what happen next but only hope now I’ve is God. Only Him motivates me to not give up.

Love Is Magic

I won’t hesitate to write that love is a magic. You can’t see love, you can’t touch love, you can’t hear love, you can’t speak to love but you can feel it. You can feel love with your heart. You can feel love with your soul. Only thing I love about India is that no one can love like an Indian. Pakistani and Indian people aren’t much different. I’ve not mentioned Pakistani people here because most of you guys aren’t much aware about Pakistan but you’d have some information about India and Indian society values. My topic is love but no one can better explains and understands this topic but Sub Continent. I experienced magic of love in my life and in Bollywood movies. Hm, Hollywood hasn’t impressed me regarding romantic movies. I really really love Bollywood romantic films and songs. They take me away. Its age to love, its time to chill, its season to find my other half, this is moment to have no fear and its time to jump in life again. I’m hurt. No medicine can work. So I need magic of love which can heal me. That can heal everyone. I can feel that love is in the air but I’ve to get it. Have a great weekend, guys.

The Call-An Awesome Crime Thriller

Few weeks ago I was watching a tv program and the anchor recommended The Call with Halle Berry. Last night I watched the movie and loved it. That’s a great story and everyone acted awesomely especially Halle Berry. No doubt she’s incredible actress in Hollywood film industry. Story isn’t much unique. You can say that The Call is a typical story which is about a psycho killer but awesome thing about film is that they made is so professionally. IMDB profile of the film shows that it is a crime thriller but I think they should add another genre which is horror. That movie really scared me while I was watching it. Honestly I got scared like a kid. I’d love to appreciate screenwriter and director of the film. I got so emotional while I was watching the scene when 911 operator (Halle Berry) gets bio data of the kidnapped girl and tells her that she’s amazed to know that she is a Capricorn like her. Capricorn people are born to fight. That sentenced caught my attention and feelings because I’m Capricorn too. I think they should include that movie in course of police studies. Police and other security agencies should work like that to rescue innocent people from evil.