Pain Cultivates

“Pain cultivates our souls”. 11.11.2014

When God wants something to grow out of us then He gives us pain. Different people react different. But all of them get changed. Some become better and some become worse to pay back. But its a fact that pain changes us. That quote came into my mind when I was walking usually in an evening and I watched a cultivator doing its job.

Wrong Turn 4 and 5

Few days ago I watched Wrong Turn 4 and 5 both. Not same day. I loved them especially 5. Sad ending suck in Wrong Turn 5. No one could survive. Same happened in 4. First part of Wrong Turn is my most favorite horror movie ever. I love how they show nature and quietness in those films. Otherwise thats so scary. I dont want any bad ass killers there. But you can imagine beauty and peace of those places they showed in the movies. I’m sure you guys would love to dream to have a camping there. I do. Wrong Turn 6 has released too so am curious and waiting to watch this beauty too. Guys, I need recommendation. I had been off from internet for long time so new better idea that which movie would be cool for me. So suggestions are most welcomed.

Skills Test Korea

Yeah. Another optional challenge and I took it. On Friday 7th, 2014 I went Islamabad in OEC office for reregistration of Korean Skills Test. I hope I could make that. Also I’m sure that you guys would remember me in your prayers. Korean skills test is like a bonus point, if I score well then I’ll get benefits but if unfortunately I couldn’t pass the test then no harm. Every moment passing I’m getting closer to Korea and getting more and more excited about. Dreaming and imagining an awesome life. Wishful and hopeful. Miracles happen for those who believe in them. I hope you guys enjoying your weekend. Have best time there :)

Modern slavery

There are two types of slavery. Physical and mental one. Mental slavery is worse than physical one. Internet can be used a best way to make people slaves. It wont mean that we shouldn’t use internet but surely we should be so careful while we use it. Internet eats our vital time so rapidly. We can make a better use of internet if we use it less and properly. Internet is like fire and with we can burn our houses and also we can cook our foods. That all depends on us after all. I just finished watching a horror movie. Later I’ll write about that. I loved the movie because it scared me a lot lol. Best wishes, guys