I knew that I had passed Korean language test and how much score I obtained but it wasn’t confirmed officially. But now not only I know my Korean Skills Test score but also I know my EPS TOPIK score that is 144/200. I scored higher marks in reading part “80/100″ and “64/100″ in listening.  The score will have been valid for two years. In that duration I can expect a job offer from Korean any moment. Lets hope for better. Past years were tensed especially past months that affected me deeply. I’ve been taking time recover but hopefully and thankfully I’m coming back to my life again. I had lost control. But things changing now. I’m getting strength and energy again. I’m getting back my faith in God and myself. Who knows what happen next but I’m quite excited about Korea thing.

I need some shocks. Some happy shocks. lol. I’ve been watching movies lately and I’ll be back with reviews. I’ve watched some very nice films in past days which I gonna share with you guys. I’m feeling like that I’m just out of a long prison. Thanks God that weather is very nice these days. Cold at night but sunny at day. Have a good day, guys :)


A Black Day…

More than 100 students got killed by terrorists. saddest and shocking day. I spent hours in front of my tv. Not a new thing for a Pakistani but its extreme of evil. Again I say little criminals cant fight bigger criminals so be be cleaned yourself first. Their main target is western world but they cant hit them that way because those societies even care about helpless animals and here even humans cant get help. Societies like Pakistan have become safe heaven for criminals. Its not only evil deed happened but they attacked in Australia, America etc but as I said its a safe heaven for them so they damaged a lot here. Devil has no religion, no nationality and no country etc. Devils hit where it wants without any specification so we humans have to unite to fight against devil despite any difference. Spread justice, make stronger your laws. Those are steps that can help us to fight back.

EPS Korean Skills Test

A good news. I’ve passed skills test for Korea. Even I couldn’t get higher scores because I didn’t take training. But thanks God that I scored 140/250. Now Korean government would recommend me to employers three times. I got preference. They had announced the result on 12th of December but I couldn’t sign up to check then yesterday a guy told me that I should use internet explorer to sign up. I did and checked all required information even my EPS TOPIK score which is 144/200.

Happy Ending-Something About Me

Happy Ending is a Bollywood movie which I finished in days. That seemed boring. But I kept watching because I had nothing else to watch. I’m feeling strange nowadays. I dunno thats depression or just a simple state of feelings that comes and goes. But I’m confused and speechless. Taking a decision was never that hard for me as its now. Maybe I spent past years so tough, so its a reaction or what. This time I’m asking God to handle everything because all powers and experiences given by Him and life haven’t been helping me to take a decision. I took some really brave decisions in past life but am feeling coward now. I shouldn’t be. But I’m.

Happy Ending is a romantic comedy but nothing could impress but Govinda’s comedy. I smiled. The movie is story of a writer so I mentioning it here. May God give me courage to take a step bravely and wisely…

1st Day At 1st Teaching Job

O Yeah. Today I taught English to two students. Two were absents. Hm. It was a nice experience. I never loved to teach but it could be a better option if I’ve to work here in Pakistan. Things are different here. Its not easy to get a decent job with decent pay. Even this job even not gonna pay me my pocket money. But something is better than nothing. I get some experience with some money thats not bad though.Also Korea thing is on my mind and I’ve been trying about. Lets hope for better and deal with what I’ve got. What else I can do about. It was a better day I think.

Do You Know A Korean Person?

Yeah. I’m you guys that. Do you know a Korean person? Especially an employer or a person who could help me to get a job. All formalities are done now. If a Korean employer, a business holder in Korea or Korean company wishes to hire a foreigner then they can hire me. I’m all available. I think Korean employers better know about the EPS process. If you guys know a Korean person or you think that you could help me regarding matter then do write me. Thanks. Have a great weekend

The November Man

The November Man. Right time. The name includes a cold month but it made me feel hot. Wow. Amazing movie. That turned me on. If you guys love action thriller movies made professionally then don’t miss this one. Ex James Bond is in a new version now. Hes not working for MI6 anymore, CIA has hired him LOL. A lovely movie. Nice story and awesome direction. Its November in watch this in November. Don’t let it go, guys. You gonna regret if you don’t watch this one on time LOL. Some people in some parts of the world gonna enjoy weekend soon so “have a great weekend” to them.