Journey To The Village-Visit of Condolence…

Yesterday went to the village. A visit of condolence. But its always amazing and nice to meet my people. To be again in the society I grew and the environment in where I became what I wanted to. I met that lake again who taught me swimming, again I met those hills again who taught me walking on the hard roads. I met that air again which used to make my soul clean and neat. I met and watched those innocent creatures who were my best entertainment and friends. My energy source. My “fuel point” Swabi Maira… I miss and love my village. A peaceful, safe and satisfied life I lived there. A lot to say and I will write later about. Wish you an awesome weekend, guys :)

Man of Steel

Few days ago I watched Man of Steel and loved. British actor starred as Superman. WOW another British actor working in Hollywood. Nice story and good work by director and actors. Overall Thats a good. After liking the film, I also watched Superman Returns but honestly I didn’t like it much. If were a teenage again then maybe I like Superman Returns but at age of 30, I can’t like a movie like that. Movies I’ve been waiting for long time, are The Transporter Reloaded, Mission Impossible Rouge Nation, Terminator, Hitman Agen 47, Fantastic Four etc. I will must watch them. Bad thing with Transporter movie is that no Jason Statham and am afraid that minus Jason Statham formula won’t work. Lets see…

For 280 Kasur Kids

Few days ago heard that somebody shot a homeless kitten with air gun. I was sad and thought to highlight that tragic act then came to know about 280 Kasur kids those who are raped, filmed and blackmailed by a notorious gang. If a society can’t protect its humans then it can protect its animals and other weak creatures. But worst thing is that Punjab government is protecting those criminals. Not only Punjab government but every PML N supporter is quiet about the issue. Shame to Shahbaz Sharif and Punjab government. APS kids were killed by terrorists. Even those terrorists had a reason. What reasons Kasur gang had. If Army Chief and DG ISI took action and Imran Khan finished sit in for 150 APS kids then why they cant do something better for 280 Kasur kids. At the end all I can write GO NAWAZ GO…

Kingsman: The Secret Service

“If I’ve to kill my dog to become a kingsman then sorry. I can’t”. Lovely movie I ever seen made in Britain I think. No doubt British are good with Spy movies. Who doesnt know about James Bond and now Kingsman. Every action movie lover would love that one. Nice story. Great action Fabulous job done by team.

After long time a movie impressed. I’ve not been watching movie lately. But I took time to watch that one and regretted that I should have watched it earlier.

I think I dont need to go in details and I recommend without hesitation that you guys should watch Kingsman. Its weekend. Fun time and if you gotta watch a movie then its yours. Go buy or get it online. Make your time superb. Also I ask you guys to recommend few awesome movies. I really need to watch them. Weather is too hot here. Praying for rain. I hope it will rain.

Another Kitten Died Today…….

She was sick too. But this morning I brought her another medicine which was recommended by veteran last evening. She took the medicine, she seemed recovered so she start walking.

Then I went to funeral and dad was home just. He didnt care enough so she got out of home and fell in water outside and drowned :( RIP. Cant wait for that day when we will meet again.


RIP. Taken on 12th May. She died today


12th May 2015. They are no more but always in heart. She drowned and died. He died yesterday.