Heaven on the Earth…

Few weeks ago I watched a post, actually a pic of beach house with caption that I dont need much but a house near beach where I could walk at night. Thats awesome. Isnt that?

I would a few words. I surely need that but with mountains with forest or woods on the other side. So on one side is beach and on the other side are woods or mountains covered with woods where I walk at days and walk on wet sand at night. what a feeling I get with that. Dont you?

Long Time. No See. Sorry WP

Yeah… Its really long time. No activity on WordPress. I regret that because its a community I belong to. I’m a writer, am an artist and none can live far from its people but I did so I regret it.

Life has been crazy in past days. I didnt enjoy things so had nothing nice to write about. Even I couldnt watch a movie in past several weeks. But getting back to life again so be back here too:)

The Jungle Book

I loved The Jungle Book. Story of animals who act like human beings. Very impressed even thats just a fiction especially Baloo character is amazing. Without any doubt The Jungle Book worth watching and any person, kids or adult can enjoy the movie. Thats not just an entertainment but an education for souls. They showed a super awesome location in the movie. I just wanna go and live there. I know there will be no internet, no tv, no movies, no human beings but there will be happiness…Thats what we all want…Have a nice weekend

The Purge Movie Review

Last year ago or more I watched The Purge trailer but didnt like it and didnt want to watch the movie. But few days ago I watched horror movie Hush and write about it here then another WP friend Poet Rummager recommended The Purge so I decided to watch it.

When I watched the film, I loved it and enjoyed it a lot so am so thankful to Poet Rummager for suggesting such a nice movie with a unique idea. Ethan Hawke is awesome always.

I wont appreciate or support the law they introduced in The Purge even the screenwriter and filmmaker havent liked that idea but they just showed that what it would happen if they legalize The Purge. Oh My God…so scary that is even to imagine I think. I apprecaite how the screenwriter represented the idea of good and humanity. I’m not hesitant to recommend that movie. You guys can watch and enjoy:)


Five Years with WordPress

O yeah so I got notification from WP that Happy Anniversary. Five years with WordPress. Its a long journey, a long relationship even not good but still I’ve it and enjoying it to be with very nice people from all around the world. Just because of WordPress blog. Have an awesome weekend:)

Cats…Imaginative and Creative

I wasn’t a cat person years when I was in village but accidentally I rescued a cat more than years ago then it happened that cats played a major role in my life to make my life better.

Cats are imaginative and creative. Thats what I came to know in past years. They imagine dead things to alive and then play with them. I always thought that cats are disloyal and so selfish but I was wrong. Things are different.

I always wanted to have a dog in past but I didnt do that because they die but now I dont wanna have cats because they left that sucks more than their death I think.


I love watching IPL matches and the team I back is RCB but Kohli is a legend player but unfortunately not a great captain. More I can understand that why in previous two matches RCB played with just 3 foriegner players. They could have four. Maybe injuring thing or something.  Kohli, AB and Gayle. Three legend player RCB have but still they are on the bottom because no good bowling attack and Kohli’s captaincy even hes performing in every match.