Yangsan-Back to WordPress with No Movie Seen

So here I’m in another Korean city Yangsan. Geoje, Gimhae, Busan and Yangsan now. New job new room and new schedule. This job gives a bit more time that’s good thing. 8 hours a day with weekend off. Sometimes couple of hours overtime. Finally I have decided to give more time to WordPress and movies rather than spending my spare time on crap apps including dating ones hahaha Actually they are worth time wasting because you don’t find like minded people and stuffs there. You should stay where you belong and surely I belong to writers community. They better suit and understand me. I feel comfortable with creative people those are hard to find in this modern era that’s a tough time for creativity.


Honestly even I haven’t seen a film trailer for weeks. I do need to see a movie I think. Though I decided to read at least ten books this year but most of times bad things happen to my plans. So this weekend I’m gonna make short plan to see a few trailers.