A Dog’s Way Home (Bella’s Way Home)

O yeah. Last night I started to watch the movie but then stopped. Felt not much interest but this afternoon when weather was quite awesome to go outside and have lovely walk then I decided to see A Dog’s Way Home. I think Bella’s Way Home seems more suitable.

First of all I would like to appreciate screenwriter W. Bruce Cameron who also picture with a puppy on his IMDb profile. A Dog’s Purpose is another creation he made about a dog so he seems huge dog lover.

Bella’s voiceover is amazing. Its so fascinating to see a dog speaking and expressing her thoughts. A real fantasy that I want to be a reality. First funny scene was when Bella enjoyed “doctor game”. It was second tragedy of her life when she got away from her mother cat. Too cute and sweet to see that unnatural family.

Emotional and heart touching scene was when ex army persons stood for Bella. Through her journey she met big kitten who became big big kitten later. So amazing and entertaining movie that is. Several scenes made me emotional.