In memory of my sweetest cat, RIP

With every moment passing, pain is increasing. You were like light in my dark nights. You were like shadow in my sunny days. You were like music in my silent life. How huge space you presence had in my soul and still have, it can be feel now after you’ve left. You were special so special feelings I feel for you. You build me with your lively presence but your deadly absence has broken me. That broke me badly. Nothing can replace you. Not only me but anyone who saw you loved you because you were purely lovable and adorable.  You’ve stolen smile from my lips. I can’t hear you, I can’t see you but still I can feel even its painful but I can’t help with it.

Rise of The Planet of The Apes

I regret that why I didnt watch that movie earlier. The Shawshank Redemption, Titanic, Avatar and now Rise of The Planet of The Apes is movie that I watched late. I should have watched the movie earlier. Lovely story. Fantastic theory. I salute that screenwriter who imagined that awesome idea and write it down. Kids to aged persons, everyone can enjoy that one. I’ve been untouched with wordpress because life has been too busy. But guys, if you’ve spare time and you wanna watch a movie then I assure you that this movie will make your time fun and joyful. Don’t miss. Wishes


Its hard to get my life back but am struggling. In past months nothing could make me laugh but thanks to Mind Your Language. A British tv show. Parfabor. LOL. Spanish character is most favorite. They done a great job. A classical comedy. If you guys wanna laugh then you should watch that tv show. Have a great weekend

The Boy Next Door- Jennifer Lopez

I’ve watched several movies in past weeks but no movie could impress me that much as much as The Boy Next Door. No doubt Jennifer Lopez is a talented and awesome actress too even shes more famous as singer. I really liked the film. Action, story and direction etc. All things seem fantastic. I won’t hesitate to recommend the movie. First I’ve three most favorite Hollywood actresses. They were Vera Fargima, Kate Winslet and Jennifer Lawrence but now another Jennifer whos Jennifer Lopez has eliminated Vera Fargima. Now they are Kate Winslet, Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Lopez. I’ve not been writing lately because try to spend my time away from computer. That’s why I’ve not been in touch with blog much. But soon I’ll be back. Things aren’t in order but they will be I hope so.