2nd Day At Work…

Yeah, its weekend and am working. It wont be overtime, would be counted as normal work even its a recognized and certified factory. Hundreds of employees work there. I got job as time keeper.

As usual senior employees mistreat and misguide junior ones and junior employees lie senior ones. That means nothing is in order except few ones. That shows real and dirty face of society that how they act in other parts and places in life. I wonder that why and how Pakistani and Muslims blame and criticize western societies and countries. They dont see in their plates that what they have for each other themselves.

On the other hand big trouble western politicians have. if they bomb, their people criticize them, if they dont then also their people criticize them that they arent protecting them. Here eastern people love war and dont care if other people die but when war harms them then they cry.

Why Whole World Stood With Victims in Paris?

On social media I saw few posts from my Muslim brothers including some sensible ones that why whole world has stood with victims of terror in Paris but people dont show that much respect for Muslims being victim of terror in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Burma etc?

You know why is that? An American dentist had been in great trouble, just because he legally killed a lion in Zimbabwe. On the other hand, I watched on Dunya tv two days ago that many people in Rahim Yaar Khan protested that Arab princes should be allow to kill rare and vital birds in Pakistan. If you dont respect others’ lives then how your life can be worthy? But still western people have great respect and sympathy for victims of terror in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc.

You Pakistani people know that how a common Pakistani has been treated. People are getting killed in name of honor, persons are being killed by public in public, a weak person cant survive in the society etc then you how you can compare yourself with western people who great respect all around the world. Why you people are dying to go to West? Why Syrian people are migrating to Europe, Australia, America, Canada but not to Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Qatar etc? Refugees feel safe in West but not in East. So respect to people those who respect you. No one has right to kill innocent and unarmed people. God bless the world.


England vs Pakistan-2nd ODI, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Yeah, I wont write about first odi played between Pakistan and England even Pak won the match. But I see more important to write about 2nd odi match between Pakistan and England which Pak gonna lose soon.

Firstly I would love appreciate English openers who build a strong opening partnership. Hales scored his first century in international odi cricket. No doubt Eng batsmen batted well then Pak bowlers defended in last overs very well. I’m sure someone wants to play with Pakistan cricket team’s future. Someone doesnt want them in up coming world cup. England played with same team but they gonna win the match as huge victory. On the other hand Pak have done many experiments in this match.

Iftikhar Ahmed did well with ball on his debut. But you dont need to send him on that position in that crucial position. Babar Azam batted well in first odi but no meaning to send him as opener in 2nd odi. Also Pakistani bowlers didnt bowl well. Yasir Shah most expensive. Adil Rashid bowled awesomely. I think Pakistani odi team a captain like Afridi. But surely PCB wants a puppet. Now we cant hope or expect from Pak team in rest of series. I assure you that this lost will hurt Pak a lot. They couldnt survive in next matches.

SL vs WI-2nd T20

Yesterday was fun about cricket. For me lol. West Indies beat Sri Lanka in 2nd t20 match after an exciting battle. Ramdin performed well and proved that the teamed needed him. Rampual bowled nice too. It was a larger ground and more Sri Lankan team had worst record at Colombo ground. In short words I enjoyed especially when Charles hit some great sixes.

More I think Malinga isnt suitable as captain. Even Chandimal would be a better choice for them but surely Mathews is best. Hes young too. So Sri Lankan selection committee should think about that. Internet was slow so I couldnt watch the match full so watched its highlights which were fun to watch. Pollard and Bravo bowled awesomely. More their fielding was so good. Russel and Holder caught awesome catches. So as I predicted, West Indians won. In next post I will write about 1st ODI between Pakistan and England which Pak won.

Younis Khan

I’m sure all cricket lovers know him. He decided of retirement from ODI cricket after playing first odi against England in UAE. I’m sure that this odi will be interesting for viewers and very important for Younis Khan. I was against his selection in ODIs but after observing his struggle and hard work in test matches made me change my mind. So when he got selected for ODIs then he took a right decision. He left ODI cricket with honor. Hes a living legend test cricketer of Pakistan.

Today its amazing. In few minutes a great game will be started between Pakistan and England. After few hours there will be best moments of my day. yay. 2nd t20 between West Indies and Sri Lanka. I predict that West Indian will win. More I back West Indies. Lets see what happen after few hours. I’m all cricket lovers from all around the world have been waiting for that t20 battle. Stay tuned and keep enjoy. I hope and pray that rain will ruin that joy.