Chuseok Night Movie Time

Long vacation, not so long but I think longest one in my working life in South Korea. I haven’t been in touch with my most favorite hobby which is watching movies. In more than two and half years I barely watched three or movies and reason was that its not much fun to see a film on mobile screen.

So I have a laptop now, quite joyful and amusing to view a movie on comparatively big screen. Now a minor obstacle or trouble you can say is deciding right piece of art to enjoy. After a long time I’m appearing on this platform but I promise that I will be here often now because I truly missed my writer community which I belong to basically.

Right now I’m on Netflix to select a right movie for this special evening. I’m truly excited to have a vacations, laptop and wordpress together. Life in korea as an expat isn’t so easy. Trying hard to survive and am sure that movies could help a lot to have pleasant time when I’m free. Though they can’t replace my cats back home whom I miss so so much.

Almost two year in Busan but never been to Busan film festival even my first arrival was in Geoje which is Korea’s second biggest island situated near Busan. ok guys bye for now and have a lovely weekend and happy vacations to people in korea