The Purge Movie Review

Last year ago or more I watched The Purge trailer but didnt like it and didnt want to watch the movie. But few days ago I watched horror movie Hush and write about it here then another WP friend Poet Rummager recommended The Purge so I decided to watch it.

When I watched the film, I loved it and enjoyed it a lot so am so thankful to Poet Rummager for suggesting such a nice movie with a unique idea. Ethan Hawke is awesome always.

I wont appreciate or support the law they introduced in The Purge even the screenwriter and filmmaker havent liked that idea but they just showed that what it would happen if they legalize The Purge. Oh My God…so scary that is even to imagine I think. I apprecaite how the screenwriter represented the idea of good and humanity. I’m not hesitant to recommend that movie. You guys can watch and enjoy:)


Five Years with WordPress

O yeah so I got notification from WP that Happy Anniversary. Five years with WordPress. Its a long journey, a long relationship even not good but still I’ve it and enjoying it to be with very nice people from all around the world. Just because of WordPress blog. Have an awesome weekend:)

Cats…Imaginative and Creative

I wasn’t a cat person years when I was in village but accidentally I rescued a cat more than years ago then it happened that cats played a major role in my life to make my life better.

Cats are imaginative and creative. Thats what I came to know in past years. They imagine dead things to alive and then play with them. I always thought that cats are disloyal and so selfish but I was wrong. Things are different.

I always wanted to have a dog in past but I didnt do that because they die but now I dont wanna have cats because they left that sucks more than their death I think.


I love watching IPL matches and the team I back is RCB but Kohli is a legend player but unfortunately not a great captain. More I can understand that why in previous two matches RCB played with just 3 foriegner players. They could have four. Maybe injuring thing or something.  Kohli, AB and Gayle. Three legend player RCB have but still they are on the bottom because no good bowling attack and Kohli’s captaincy even hes performing in every match.

Hush…ohhh myyy goshhh

I’m talking about horror movie Hush. Its trailer thrilled and clicked me. In those days I watched another horror movie The Boy which is fantastic so I thought Hush would be like that. But it wasnt like that.

I couldnt like Hush that much. I think it wasnt me but its film director who made that film. I loved first scene when they showed a jungle, woods and woods, a wooden house among them. It was so touch. I always wanna live in a place like that but surely none wants a nightmare like that there.

I watched the Hush for few minutes then I quit to watch because I got bored. There was so dark and you can say unnecessarily dark so you cant enjoy that film. Otherwise story and idea of the film is good but they couldnt represent it well, maybe they wanted to save their money or something. Just three or four characters. Two leading characters. One location to make whole film. At the end I wont suggest Hush for you guys so dont waste your time.

Looking For…

we all want different things on different occasions. That means we change a bit with time as they say that people change with time. But few things are constant which they need us on daily basis. we cant live or cant survive without them. Or we cant better survive without them. Love or relationship is one of those things. Feeling to be loved or loving someone is strongest feeling you can ever have. Men can love any woman and women can like any man but they would make a relationship with only one they trust. So you can say that relationship starts and remains with trust. Trust develops love. So I need a relationship. I’m clever enough because I know that if I get relationship, I will get love and trust as well😉

Being with someone you trust and who trusts you, makes you feel strong enough. Satisfied and energetic. You know that single people die sooner because they live a messy life. But relationships make your life organized and focused. You get a path to walk, you get a destination to look forward, you get a hard to feel calm night. How much tensed you’re and what time it is, you can share it with your partner. But you cant do that with others.

What else I can say more except that if you’ve a relationship then enjoy and take care of it. But you dont have a relationship like me then try to get it as soon as possible:) Wish you all the best.


Weddings Week… :D

Yeah, you can say that it has been wedding. Just attend second wedding of the week yesterday. Tomorrow I’m gonna attend my ex neighbor’s wedding tomorrow in my sweet village. I must have to attend that wedding otherwise I’m fed up and tired a lot lol. A bit jealous of people getting married, I think its too late for me now. I should get married now. I’ve been trying online dating but I dont think so that if its gonna work. Maybe I think I need to do something else. People have different standards, you cant explain things online. More even you’re honest and truthful, people have their own thinking. Weekend is going well. I ll share video of the wedding I attended yesterday and also I ll upload pictures on my FB profile. Have a nice weekend:)