Four Upcoming Movies I’m Excited About

Yesterday I saw few movie trailers and got thrilled. So after long time I’m putting my words here on WordPress. Though I had time lately but I wasn’t feeling to write something.

But those film trailers motivated to get in touch with my blog. In last I saw the trailer but most excited I’m about it was Godzilla vs Kong. They made a nice teaser to attract movie geeks.

Second number is Wrong Turn Reboot. One of my most favourite horror thriller of all time.

Third one is Nobody. It could be more interesting if they could improve its trailer. Background music and some unnecessary touches made it look action comedy. Trailers play vital role in promoting a film.

Fourth trailer I saw was The Little Things starting big star Denzil Washington. That seems a good drama with nice story.

Those upcoming movies tell that 2021 gonna be a nice year for Hollywood.