The Curious Case of Benjamin Button-A Real Romantic Fantasy

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a real romantic fantasy drama but I think imdb forgot to mention romance in genres of the movie. As usual that super hit and blockbuster romantic movie has a sad ending but also they showed a hope that they gonna meet in heaven. Thanks God that He has no problem with their romance in heaven as much as He had on the earth. I dont love fantasy movies but regarding this movie I need to be thankful to Hollywood.

Benjamin was born as a strange creature, a curse to his family but a blessing to a black lady who didn’t belong to him but remained his mother for all of his age. Brad Pitt played the role perfectly but kid Benjamin was so annoying and irritating.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a true and perfect example of our societies where is combination of good and bad people. There is no doubt in this thing that most of movies are message to people who have been passing through hard times that there’s a hope but it needs time always.

If you’ve time and money then The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is movie which can save these both things for you. Sure that movie won’t be in theaters now so you can find and purchase the movie from a movie store or from a website online.