Why Most Of Hollywood Romantic Movies Have Sad Endings

Films are an incredible way of entertainment but unfortunately many directors and screenwriters do their best to ruin people’s fun time. I’ve no idea that why they do so. On the other hand it makes sense that why they do make those sad ending movies because people highly like these sorts of things which make them tearful.

If weekdays are hard then we try to get relieved on weekends by trying many ways of entertainment. Going theater is a most adopted way of them. But still it seems funny that why most of people love to cry to be sad at their weekend which is right time to chill.

If you look at blockbuster and highly popular romantic movies then you come to know that nearly all of them have sad endings. For example, Titanic is one of highly grossed movies of all times but it has a really sad ending. I can name other famous and popular movies which have sad endings such as A Walk To Remember, Sweet November, Bridges Of The Madison County and so on. But really loved and liked those films.

Once I read an article which was about artists. The writer raised an issue that why all artists spent or spending an immodest lives. Their most of actions are against their society values and boundaries. For example Oscar Wilde was a homo and that age homos were considered bad ones. That is same about sad ending movies. Although those have critical endings but people these are highly appreciated by viewers.


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