Why Most Of Romantic Movies Have Sad Endings

Films are an incredible way of entertainment but unfortunately many directors and screenwriters do their best to ruin people’s fun time. I’ve no idea that why they do so. On the other hand it makes sense that why they do make those sad ending movies because significant numbers of movie geeks prefer to see or read these sorts of stories which make them tearful and emotional. Feelings are great part of human nature you know. If weekdays are hard then we try to get relieved on weekends by trying many ways of entertainment. Going theater is a most adopted way of them. But still it seems funny that why most of people love to cry to be sad at their weekend which is right time to chill.

If you look at blockbuster and highly popular romantic films then you come to know that nearly all of them have very good stories but things won’t go well at the end. For example, I can name other famous and popular movies which have sad endings

Romantic Movies with Sad Endings

The Bridges of Madison County

Old but still attractive Hollywood film couple Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep played leading roles in it and they done it so professionally. Story of a typical housewife who falls in love with a handsome photographer.

Sweet November

Stunning Charlize Theron and dashing Canadian actor Keanu Reeves worked so well make tearful viewers. A very lovely romantic story but has a sad ending. That sucks a lot.

Autumn in New York

Very handsome and sober Hollywood star Richard Gere played role of a dirty guy who plays with women’s emotions but later he fells in love actually. Another unexpected and unwanted ending.


James Cameron is best at his professional work. He also has a blockbuster romantic but sad ending movie on his credit. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet played romantic roles of young and romantic persons very well.

Once I read an article which was about artists. The writer raised an issue that why all artists spent or spending an immodest lives. Their most of actions are against their society values and boundaries. For example Oscar Wilde was a homo and that age homos were considered bad ones. That is same about sad ending movies. Although those have critical endings but people these are highly appreciated by viewers.


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