Relationship-What A Woman Wants Actually

First of all you should be clear about this thing that if you really wanna know about women’s date matters then Mel Gibson’s “What Women Want” not gonna much help you. Women are far complicated than that. Relationship is a natural thing especially it is really important for human beings. Men and women need partners in same ways but their attitude and point of view is different from each others. Women are really passionate and emotional about a relationship but men don’t take this much serious which hurts women.

Sensible and wise men know that women are hidden treasures of pleasure and love which are uncovered for special ones just. That’s why most of men reveal women’s bodies but they can’t explore their inner world where love is waiting for its beloved. There is no doubt in this thing that women have sexual desires and instincts but they have really special behavior about these things.

But still it is a fact that a date doesn’t have to be the big thing for a woman. Many women love the small things. Just a walk at the beach, or go window-shopping or just a walk at a carnival. There are a lot of things a man can give a woman. Even with no cost at all. What I don’t understand is why men think they have to give so much. If you need to give a lot of money, then you are with the wrong girl. Artistic and creative women think like that but there are many types of women those who think in a way different way.

I always find men who don’t want to go out on dates, they just want to do their thing, and that is on the computer or in front of the TV or their phone. But a PERFECT date for a real woman would be a long walk on the beach, and then a little food on that same beach, either with a blanket, or with a table and two chairs. No fancy. One needs to see that the big things are not always the best.

Some women want the fancy things, like big rock rings, jewelry, fine dinners at expensive restaurants, etc. For me, that is not my dream. That is when they are greedy or sick of their financial crisis. But actually their true love is not for wealthy and rich person. A woman always loves her dream-boy or dream-man. Emotions mean a lot to them.

If you’ve watched Hollywood movie “Going The Distance” then you must know that how much women are complicated to show their emotions and true feelings.


2 thoughts on “Relationship-What A Woman Wants Actually”

  1. ” If you need to give a lot of money, then you are with the wrong girl.”

    I 100% agree with you. Women like that are very shallow, not in love truly with the man but just after what he can materially give her.

    For me, Love is what the most important thing is; To Love and To Be Loved.

    I too think that some men get things wrong in thinking that they must shower a perspective partner with gifts in order to win her. It’s sad and makes me wonder why infidelity is so high in those types of relationships.

    If all a girl want’s is Love, and the man can give it, then that in my mind is what creates the best foundation.

    Insightful post Nafees 🙂

    1. Thanks 🙂 A Norwegian woman living in States right now, helped me to improve that blog 🙂 I’m not that experienced about women 😉 Thanks again, you know appreciation is how important for us 🙂 for everyone.

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