Hollywood Actresses With Younger Husbands

In old time men were dominated and ruler to their women. That’s same in many parts of world but Hollywood actresses tried to give it a different look. Many female celebrities are married or in relationship with younger men. Still that is a mystery that why they love to be in relationship with younger partners.

Actresses With Younger Men

Hot and gorgeous actress Demi Moore married fifteen years younger handsome and dashing Aston Kutcher. They have been living happy married lives together. Ex James Bond actor Roger Moore is twelve years younger than his Dorothy Squires. Stunning Hugh Jackman is thirteen years younger than his life partner Deborra-Lee Furness.

When it’s about female celebrities with younger husbands then Madonna’s name is unavoidable. She always made relationship with younger men including talented film star Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie. Now she’s in news with very younger French singer Brahim Zaibat who is thirty one years younger than her. I think all movie geeks know Canadian dashing and hot actor Ryan Gosling. He made relationship with stunning Sandra Bullock who is much older than him. Ryan’s current partner Eva Mendis is older than him too.

There are many famous and popular Hollywood film celebrities those who are married with younger actors or guys but still it is a big question that why? Obviously mind understating would be their first priority. But that thing makes them more different than other non-film persons because really rare cases like that are found out of Hollywood. There are few other Hollywood couples who have huge age difference but happily in relationship.


6 thoughts on “Hollywood Actresses With Younger Husbands”

  1. I am no Hollywood actress but my partner is many years younger than me. My ex of 7 years was 7 years older than me and I felt patronized at times. But with my Husband I have seen him ‘grow’ over the years as he has seen I and we don’t see the age gap. We are the same age on the ‘inside’.

    I’m sure that you have heard the news about the 30 year old Teacher who went on the run with one of his 15 year old Pupils – now that to me IS wrong because she is still a child really and he a grown man and crossed the line. I think that there has to be a respectable difference in age without it becoming distasteful.

      1. “I think that there has to be a respectable difference in age without it becoming distasteful” – i agree with this statement by imogen..and i also know a lot of ladies with much younger partners or husbands… some, just like any other relationships are also on the rocks… but some are just fine… in love, i mean true love, i believe that age really doesn’t matter if the attitudes of both parties are in the right place… however, when there is already a generation gap… it’s a different story…

  2. I had a beau who was 13 yrs older I felt no age difference. He died of complications to heart surgery when he was 67. He aged rapidly the last yr of his death. I have since ben flung back into the dating world and realize that men my own age arent any where near as vibrant and interesting and wise and true as the man i lost. I began dating a man 16 yrs younger from a date site just to have things to do once in a while– a movie partner who didnt know my former love and felt full of reminders.
    We became very close and after almost ayr we find we cannot end it because we truly love each other. We tried once to end it and he and I began dating other people but we missed each other too much. I am 57 and look maybe 45 He is 41 and looks 36-38ish We like the same alternative music and art and movies and tv shows food– and sex is great. We are affectionate and sweet and cannot wait to see one another. My dog adores him. We are beginning to talk about living together. He has g=huge fears around the age gap– as do I. But often love does not go where it is sent and it just happens— and no matter how much you deny it –it is still there when you wake up the next morning. There is no guarantee in any relationship– but at least in this one alot of thought goes into it and you know you have to really love the person to go forward– it isnt a case of settling. you must be sure. Because for all the wonderful elements there is the fact that I will grwo old rapidly and far before he does. Maybe not— but biology tells me so. It helps that I stayed out of the sun didnt smoke or drink and I have a nice figure and cute enough face. But it is my spirit and my connection to things that are happening in the world that keep me vital that matter most. You can be old at 30. I love edgy fashion without looking like a fool. I wear my hair super short like Jean Seberg and keep it blonde. I wear fun raybans and artsy casual clothes. I am very urban into pop culture and fashion — and it helps– people esp men cannot figure out my age. And I hope i can hang on to that for another 10 yrs. If I am lucky enough to have 10 yrs. None of us have any guarantees. My dad was dead at 52. My mom 5 yrs older lived to 82. I was concerned people who knew me with my mate would now see me as foolish. But my sweet beau is mature enough looking and people actually say we look great together and we seem like a good fit. They will say there is something very special between the two of you. And they are right there is. I hope it can stand the test of time. I love this guy with the heat of a thousand suns! How lucky am I?

    1. yeah you’re very very lucky. Thank you very very much for such a nice and detailed comment. You told me whole of your story and what things happened. That worth. Thats what people tell to their beloved ones only. Only you arent lucky but your partners lucky too because you seem so loyal, passionate, romantic and caring. Thats what makes you special. Wish you a long, happy and awesome life.

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