Tom Cruise Height and His Taller Wives

tom cruise shorter than katie holmesMany Hollywood stars are short height but they made relationship same height or shorter women. Tom Cruise height is 5 feet 7 inches but he kept and has been keeping relationship with taller women. I think only he can well define that but figures show that this charming and talented guy has great interest in taller women. I think that’s wonderful news for taller ladies.

Mimi Rogers was his first official partner who is 5’ 9” which means that she is two inches taller than him. Also she’s eight years older than Tom Cruise so he made relationship with a woman who was taller and older than him. He also made relationship with famous American singer Cher. She is not only two inches taller than Tom but much older than him too. Tom Cruise’s another authentic and romantic relationship was with hot and gorgeous Australian born Hollywood actress. Nicole Kidman height is 5 feet 11 inches. She’s four inches taller than him. Now handsome Hollywood star is in passionate and deep relationship with famous Hollywood actress Katie Holmes. She’s two inches taller than him. YouTube video about this topic Middle Height Tom Cruise and His Taller Wives-Youtube Video

Those figures show that mission impossible survivor Tom Cruise loves to make impossible relationships. No doubt his personal life is full of adventurous dates.It is fact that ages, colors, nationalities, heights, etc won’t matter when it’s about mind understating and love. But if there’s sequence then your interest or wondering is meaningful. I’ve written another post about this topic here Tom Cruise Height and His Taller Wives


38 thoughts on “Tom Cruise Height and His Taller Wives”

  1. You could add that Katie is divorcing him, as an ex-wife he now has had 3 nice (it seemed) women. I feel bad for the daughter, Suri, and Nicole’s and his adopted 2 children. Anyway, height is not so important as what is inside. I have a short frame so most men are a lot taller, but my Mom and Dad were close to same height and dancing, hugging, etc. seemed to special between the 2 of them. He is passed away, and my mother misses him daily… Thanks for all the celebrity news plus interesting thoughts.

  2. Cruise seems a weird bird to me, and a short one at that. He started chasing Nicole when she was a fairly young teenager, like 14. So from older Mimi to a child. Yikes!
    Thanks for stopping by my Post today!

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