Hollywood-The Land of Exotic Actors and Actresses

Modern figures aren’t much satisfying but there is no doubt in this thing that America was land of opportunities. Higher talent always tried to approach the cities of States. After financial crisis United States of America isn’t a best place regarding opportunities. But it is a fact that still talented actors and actresses have no place but Hollywood.

High profile and professional film persons always try to join Hollywood film industry. If you take a look on list of famous and popular film celebrities then you come to know that most of them came from other lands to show their acting skills. Other film industries except Bollywood, are like lakes or ponds but Hollywood is like a sea so big fish go there to take a free breath.

Action legend Jason Statham born in London, England but now his rest of life is linked to Hollywood. Two other English beauties Kate Winslate and Kate Beckinsale are part of Hollywood world too. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a little European country Austria and Jean Claude Van Damme is from Belgium. Sober actor Liam Neeson and versatile Collin Farrell are Irish actors originally but now they are Hollywood film stars. Old James Bond Sean Connery is Scottish.

Amazingly two Ryans who are Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling belong to Canada but now they are heartbeat of many film viewers in States. Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman are from Australia. Talented and incredible actor Russell Crowe is from New Zealand.  There’s a long list of exotic film stars performing in Hollywood film industry but I mentioned some legend types names just. A courage strains after the corpse.


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