Shooter-Best Action Thriller Movie Ever

It is a fact that very less people from developed countries like action and thriller movies but professionally made ones. That’s why only highly budgeted action films earn some money but not like Avatar, Avengers and Titanic. But obviously The Dark Knight perused what it deserved.

Hollywood movie “Shooter” is great action and thriller one. That is based on best selling novel “Point of Impact” by Stephan Hunter. The movie holds all of your attention from very start and never let you bored. Every scene brings a new excitement or thrill which really amazes a viewer.

Mark Wahlberg played role of a patriotic shooter very well. Although Mark has worked in many action films but he fits in Shooter. That’s a high budgeted movie but director spent the money accurately which saves people’s time and money both.

Hollywood filmmakers aren’t much interested in action and thriller movies because they can’t earn billion with these types of movies. But still action-movie lovers have been making what they actually love.


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