Great Expectations-Happy Ending Hollywood Romantic Movie

Most of Hollywood romantic movies have sad endings and rarely romantic movies have happy endings. Great Expectations is of happy ending movies. That movie is all about complicated nature of women even they don’t understand themselves that what the hell they are doing.

Ethan Hawk played his role awesomely. He’s a screenwriter too so he knows well that how to justify a character. The movie has 6.7 imdb rating.

Story of Great Expectations is based on Charles Dickens’ novel. Story starts with a kid’s love with a girl who was trained to hurt men. That was a hard task for Fin to approach that girl but his true love won at last.

Great Expectations is a great movie. Robert De Niro played short but strong role in the movie. In short words that movie won’t you feel bad while you watch this. Watching Great Expectations would save your time and money both.