Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes-Love Is In Danger

Most handsome and charming film actor Tom Cruise was deeply in love with his wife to be ex-wife Hollywood actress Katie Holmes. On my occasions he showed that he loved her passionately. Especially once in Oprah show he went crazy.

But you know that time changes and people do change too. Feelings and emotions change. That’s why Katie Holmes is breaking up with his dashing and passionate lover Tom Cruise.

No one knows exact that what went wrong between their hot couple but surely it is fact that these things happen in life usually. Maybe Tom Cruise’s love got older like his age. He’s 50 years old and Katie is 33 just.

Suri Cruise can work like a bridge between them but you know that mostly this thing doesn’t work. But if Tom Cruise loved Katie Holmes truly and passionate then there are chances that she would change her mind. Suri is pretty and has blue eyes like her mom.

There’s no doubt in this thing that Tom and Katie’s fans want ‘em together but no one can stop to things happen but these two themselves. Only what you can do is praying for their couple.


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