The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 2009-Swedish Film Industry Proven One of Best

When you start surfing Google for The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo then first you see movie made in 2011 starring famous James Bond Daniel Craig. But real movie was produced by European filmmakers and production companies. The Swedish movie got a lot of appreciation from people all around the world. That’s why American filmmakers tried remake the movie which was a great step.

If you compare both movies then surely you accept that Hollywood version is more awesome than Swedish version. But it’s a fact that Swedish actors did great job but there are some weak points in directing such an awesome story.

Story is based on popular novel written by Swedish novelist Stieg Larsson. He did an awesome job to write a great story. But there is no doubt in this thing that Danish director Niels Arden Oplev couldn’t present the story well But Hollywood director David Fincher made this happen.

You’d love both movies because both movies made professionally except weak directing in Swedish movie The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo 2009. Both movies have happy endings which is a good thing in entertainment industry because viewers watch movies for enjoyment not crying.


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