Cellular-Awesome thriller movie with Jason Stath and Chris Evans

Hollywood action king Jason Statham and dashing Chris Evans starring in Cellular. That is an awesome thriller and crime movie. David R. Ellis is action and thrill lover because he’s a stuntman too so he loves to direct movies like Cellular.

After 2000 few of action movies could get success and popularity in Hollywood film industry but Cellular really impressed film viewers. Jason Statham played his negative role awesomely but surely roles like this won’t suit him.

There is no doubt in this thing that Chris Evans has been handsome and attractive from start of his career but his action wasn’t impressive until Cellular. In some scenes his expressions made him look doing over acting. But he was a great cast of that role because of his innocent and careless looks. His and Jessica Biel couple was really suitable in Cellular.

You know that only few movies earn more than their budgets and Cellular earned double of its budget world wide in hard time for thriller movies. Celluar has 6.5 imdb rating which isn’t bad for an action film.


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