Silver Linings Play Book Trailer Review-Best Romantic Drama Of 2012

I consider Hollywood movie Silver Linings Play Book a romantic drama but imdb listed it as comedy drama which ain’t suitable according to my point of view. Silver Linings Play Book will be released in November and I can’t to watch this awesome piece of art.

Highly popular and famous actors are showing their skills in Silver Linings Play Book. No one needs to know further about Robert De Niro. That’s same about stunning Jennifer Lawrence. Nearly all movie-lovers would be fan of one of most attractive Bradley Cooper. Chris Tucker is a great role in Silver Linings Play Book to make this more comedic and funny.

Jennifer Lawrence played role of a mysterious girl who becomes a great challenge for Bradley Cooper who’s a challenge himself. If you know mathematics then again you would watch an example of minus multiply by minus is equal to positive.

No one watched Silver Linings Play Book but its trailer which shows that it would be an awesome movie.


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