Bollywood Movie “London Paris New York”-An Inspiration From Hollywood Movies “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset”

If you have watched Hollywood movies “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset” with Ethan Hawk then you couldn’t enjoy much Bollywood movie London, Paris, New York.

There’s no doubt in this thing that many Bollywood movies are copy versions of Hollywood movies even Bollywood directors copy scenes and dialogues from Hollywood movies.

But if you watch London, Paris, New York without watching Before Sunrise and Before Sunset then you would love the movie. Anu Menon is write and director that Bollywood movie. She given an Eastern touch to two Hollywood stories and combined them with happy ending. That’s so positive about Bollywood romantic movies that most of them have happy endings. But on the other hand Hollywood filmmakers do their best to make people cry. You can check that here:

Both Hollywood movies Before Sunrise and Before Sunset have not happy endings and it sucks. London, Paris, New York better defines complicated nature of a woman because writer and director of this movie is a woman Anu Menon.

Jesse and Celine meet in Vienna, Austria and in other story they meet in Paris. In Bollywood movie London, Paris, New York situations change and get different locations. First Nikhil and Lalitha meet in London then Paris and story ends with their meeting in New York.

Whatever but London, Paris, New York is a great romantic movie.


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