Bollywood Romance King Saif Ali Khan VS Hollywood Romance King Tom Cruise

Bollywood romance king Saif Ali Khan has many similarities with Hollywood romance king Tom Cruise. Many years ago Tom Cruise worked in Hollywood romantic movie “Cocktail” and now Saif Ali Khan is starring in Bollywood romantic movie Cocktail and its filming location is London, England.

Tom Cruise is old now but still he got young looks and it is same with Saif Ali Khan. Both actors have their first wives older than them. Bollwood Movie Cocktail is really nice romance comedy which also makes cry its viewers. There’s no doubt in this thing that Bollywood romantic movies are best emotional movies in the world which can make you cry in seconds. With their youngish looks both actors are great choices for romantic and comedy movies. They both have killing smiles so this is why they have been popular for their looks from their start. Cocktail would be a great entertainment for every movie viewer. Top Gun better describes true personality of Tom Cruise. Saif Ali Khan worked in really great romance comedies and achieved great appreciation from movie lovers.


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