Rockstar-An Awesome Bollywood Romantic Movie With Sad Ending

There are two movies with same name. First one is Rock Star and it was produced in Hollywood in 2001 starring Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston. But that movie couldn’t earn much worldwide. Second on is Rockstar and it was produced by Bollywood filmmakers in 2011. Rockstar 2011 is an awesome movie with Imtiaz Ali’s awesome direction and screenwriting. There’s no doubt in this thing that Imtiaz Ali is Bollywood director and screenwriter. There’s no doubt in this thing that Imtiaz Ali got inspiration from Hollywood movie Rock Star. But his work is more professional and catchy than Hollywood’s.

Rockstar starts with story of an ordinary guy who wants to become a popular singer and then a person tells him that pain is necessary thing to become an artist. So the singer forces himself to fall in love with a girl but it doesn’t work. Then he truly falls in love with her and knows that what pain is actually. That time he becomes a rock star. You can say that Bollywood romantic movie Rockstar is a movement against society’s unnecessary and cruel boundaries. Imtiaz Ali did his best to point out weak points of Indian society. Especially song “Sadda Haq” written by an awesome lyricist Irshad Kamil is. That song seems anthem of movement against society’s unessential and unworthy laws. Ranbir Kapoor did great job in Rockstar. Nargis Fakhri, American citizen with Pakistani father and Czech mother debuted in the movie and acted well.

“Once you lose everything for something and afterwards you get everything back but then you don’t need anything”. That’s a quote which came into my mind first when I though about the Rockstar. I’m really thankful to Imtiaz Ali for creating such an awesome piece of art and I think everyone should be who wants a peaceful and fair society because the movie is a movement against evils of society. But unfortunately Rockstar isn’t a happy ending movie like other Bollywood romantic movies. Sad ending of the movie can make everyone sad who has feelings and kind heart.


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