Similiar Bollywood And Hollywood Stars


Bollywood actor Amir Khan and Hollywood actor Tom Hanks.

Bollywood actor Arjan Rampal and

Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu and Hollywood actress

Bollywood actor Imran Hashmi and Irish actor Collin Farrel

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan and Australian actor Hugh Jackman

Bollywood actor Imran Khan and English actor Robert Pattinson

Bollywood actor John Abraham and Spanish actor Antonio Banderas

Bollywood Queen Kareena Kapoor and Hollywood actress Paris Hilton

Indian actress Preity Zinta and American actress Drew Barrymore

Shahid Kapoor and

Rakhi Sawant and

Sunil Grover and English actor Daniel Craig


3 thoughts on “Similiar Bollywood And Hollywood Stars”

  1. If you mean their physical looks then I don`t agree with you man.Some of them do but not really.If you are talking about the roles they perform in movies then it`s a different topic.

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