Sitting By A Stream Once

Few days ago I visited a stream made by rainwater. That was a super experiment of my life in past those days. Voice of flowing water seemed like a natural music. That music had a rhythm. The music was saying to me to forget everything and I did.

I forgot everything then. No tension, no competition, no jealousy, no fear, no dream, no desire. I was flowing with voice of the flowing water. I was feeling a great taste of emptiness with feelings of ultimate satisfaction. That was a rare a feeling even best medication can’t bring you in the condition which I was experiencing.

Whenever you feel stressed and tensed then must try that way to feel better. I bet that  would really help you to recover.


2 thoughts on “Sitting By A Stream Once”

  1. “I was flowing with voice of the flowing water. ”

    A lovely way to express things.

    And the picture speaks to me, too. Reminds me of times when you just know that NOW is the moment that really matters. When it feels like all eternity is wrapped around you, enfolding you with the scents, the sounds, the sights that will never again be quite the same.

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