Fish Kills Depression

Fish are not doctors or psychiatrists who would kill your depression. But surely eating fish would be really helpful to decrease depression.

It is researched and proven that people those eat fish regularly they live a happy life more than who do not eat fish regularly. My personal experience is that if you’re depressed and you’ve not eaten fish for long time then do it. You would feel better.

Still it is a question that what connection between happiness and fish is. I’m not a doctor or medical science specialist and also I’ve no medical research about this thing but I’ve an idea that why is it.

Fish are warm blooded so they have ability to live in all types of temperatures. That’s why eating fish make us like them and we become so strong to face all types of situations bravely. That can be wrong but it’s what I think. I’m kidding :D. Smile please because it is free and has lots of benefits


2 thoughts on “Fish Kills Depression”

  1. Turkey too as it has a naturally occurring ingredient called ‘Triptofan’ which helps lift the mood. When I was very depressed my partner was trying desperately to get me to eat fish – now I know why. And my friend’s husband who suffers with a Depressive disorder, had his whole diet changed by my friend and it worked wonders for him. Nutrition does indeed matter – I just wish I liked fish 😀

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