6 Bullets-Jean Claude Van Damme In Action Again

6 Bullets is an awesome action thriller of 2012. Jean Claude Van Damme can be viewed in that movie other than Expendables 2. Ernie Barbarash is famous for making action thriller movies.

6 Bullets really rocked me especially Jean Claude Van Damme showed awesome action shots which amused me a lot. The movie location European country Romania where law forces are not in much power so an American helps his American people.

Jean Claude Van Damme is 51 years old but still he played action role awesomely. He proved still he has martial artist guts to show. Still his body is attractive and muscular.

Hollywood has not been a best place for action thriller movies in past decades. That’s why in that kind of situation making a movie like 6 Bullets was a big risk but Jean Claude Van Damme saved the movie.

6 Bullets has an awesome screenplay and professional direction so this is why this movie earned praise all around the world. If you love action, thriller and crime genres movie then don’t miss 6 Bullets. imdb rating of the movie is 6.1 which isn’t bad for an action film.


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