Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol-Tom Cruise At His Best

There is no doubt in this thing that Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol was best action thriller of 2011. The movie was produced at time when there were not suitable conditions for Hollywood action movies.

Two times Oscar winning director Brad Bird did an awesome job to make movie full of fun and amusement for a movie-lover. Although Brad Bird is famous for his animated work but this time he proved that he got guts to make action movies too. He saved action movies.

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol has many filming locations including Czech Republic, Canada, USA, India, UAE, Hungry, Russia and this thing needed a lot of money. That’s why Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol was a big risk but fortunately Brad Bird and Tom Cruise saved the movie. Different filming locations make you feel visiting those places yourself without spending any amount of money. That’s an awesome thing.

Tom Cruise taken some really dangerous shots in the movie such as scene of Burji-e-Khalifa, Dubai was so risky. But its up to him that he loves to do scenes like that. Tom Cruise got an adventurous nature.

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol was highly liked and rated all around the world and by imdb users. You know that imdb rating helps a lot guess about quality of the movie. Mission Impossible 4 is best choice for your weekend night.


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