Salman Khan-Dashing and Stylish But Not Much Talented Star

Handsome Bollywood star Salman Khan is not much a talented actor but he’s really popular and famous all around India. Pakistani movie-lovers like Salman Khan too. Salman Khan has a strong filmy background. His father Saleem Khan is an awesome Bollywood screenwriter who wrote some really great Bollywood movies. His brothers Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan is also Bollywood star. He’s in relationship with British born charming and innocent Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif for long time. He worked in some great Bollywood movies. Salam Khan is a good action hero but mostly his movies don’t make a sense.

Salman Khan was declared most handsome Indian man and one of seven most handsome men of the world by People Magazine USA. He’s really famous among women because of his attractive and charming personality. His height is 5’8” but he got a great body. Nothing much I like about Salam Khan but I love his careless nature and looks. He’s most expensive Bollywood star ever.


5 thoughts on “Salman Khan-Dashing and Stylish But Not Much Talented Star”

  1. You find interesting things to feature in the celebrity world. I am always fascinated by the people with different cultures. Did you like “Slumlord Millionaire?” I always wondered how it was viewed in other countries, is it okay or not as good as America thinks?

    1. thank you very much. I loved Slumdog Millionaire. I live in Pakistan which is neighbor country of India so we’ve nearly same culture and society values. I could understand the movie well.

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