Shahid Kapoor-Heartbeat of Million of Girls

Dashing and attractive Shahid Kapoor is young Bollywood star. He’s not only handsome but he got great talent to act. He has strong film background but he worked hard to survive. He’s a best dancer of Bollywood film industry.

Most attractive part of Shahid Kapoor’s personality is his stunning smile. He’s heartbeat of millions of girls from all around the world. Kapoor worked some really great movies but his most incredible work is Jab We Met with Kareena Kapoor who is his ex-girlfriend too. The movie was directed by most talented Bollywood director Imtiaz Ali. Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor is a big fan of Hollywood star Tom Cruise. That’s why he tries to look like him. Kapoor’s smile and height is really similar to Tom Cruise. They both are 5’7” tall and have same hair style most of time.


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