Jason Statham-Best “Transporter” Ever

British actor and martial artist Jason Statham is best “Transporter” of Hollywood now. He’s famous for his work in all three action thriller Transporter films. Moreover, he worked in some pretty great action thriller movies such as War, The Mechanic, Killer Elite, Expendables, Expendables 2 and Safe. All those are blockbuster action thriller movies of Hollywood and all around the world.

Jason Statham’s incredible work ever is Transporter sequel and people are desperately waiting for Transporter 4 to see on big screen. Most of his fans have not liked his movie Crank and his role in the movie. It won’t suit dashing Jason Statham to work in a movie like Crank. His fans have been curiously waiting for his next movie to enjoy. Jason’s upcoming is Parker which is crime thriller. People will see him with Jennifer Lopez in that movie. Jason Statham is a perfect actor for action and thriller movies because of his looks and athletic body. That’s why the movies starred by him are super hit on box office.


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