Sylvester Stallone-Rambo or Rocky

Very often this happens that we remember a movie character. That happened to Sylvester Stallone two times. First when his movie Rocky produced then he got fame as Rocky and then after First Blood he was famous as Rambo. Non-American people are known to Sylvester Stallone as Rambo and Rocky.

Sylvester Stallone is an awesome film director, incredible screenwriter, spectacular actor and big hearted producer. His movies always have a great impression on movie-lovers. Stallone is a living legend of Hollywood because he has many great movies to the film industry. He’s 66 years old but still he has been making movies like young heroes. He’s so professional and passionate about his work Sylvester is 15 years older than his rival Jean Claude Van Damme who worked in Expendables 2 but they both seem of same age. His new movie Expendables 2 rocked the box office. His up coming movie is Bullet To The Head and The Tomb which is expected to release in 2013.


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