Bruce Willis-“Looper “After “Expendables 2”

Hero of Die Hard Sequel Bruce Willis has been really busy throughout whole year of 2012. Six of his movies are released or will be released in 2012 such as Lay The Favorite, The Cold Light of Day, Moonrise Kingdom, Expendables 2, Looper and Fire With Fire. He has minor role in Expendable 2 but Looper is all about him.

Looper sci fi action movie and you know that Bruce Willis is always best for action thriller movies. His most incredible and highly popular work is Die Hard movies which introduced him all around the world. Expendables 2 has released and got praise all around the world. Looper will be released in last week of September. There is no doubt in this thing that 2012 is best year of Bruce Willis’ film career.

Looper’s filming location is China too and this thing makes the movie high budget project but also this movie will earn lots of money and praise from all around the world. 57 years old Bruce Willis is still passionate and fit to work in action thriller movies like Looper and Expendables 2.


10 thoughts on “Bruce Willis-“Looper “After “Expendables 2””

    1. Yeah, he’s. I’ve not seen that movie but trailer. I think that could be interesting for kids and teens especially. Which others on your list you have seen?

  1. I’m not sure its his best year of films (especially since Cold Light of Day apparently sucks) but I did like his little appearance in Expendables 2. I’m looking forward to see Moonrise Kingdom. I am also planning on going to see Looper especially since not only is there Bruce Willis but also Joseph Gordon-Levitt who apparently changes his appearance quite a bit to try and resemble Bruce Willis. I had just read that in an article yesterday. Sounds real fun! Can’t wait!

    1. agreed. I’ve not watch Moonrise Kingdom but I’d love to recommended you because I studied about the movie on imdb and it seemed awesome one but if you like teen and kid movies. Thats a teen romantic adventure. Maybe you;d love that.

      1. oh yeah, a walk to remember made me cry too and sweet november, autumn in new york, bridges of the madison county and titanic made me tearful. That not suits a man but it happened to me.

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