Richard Gere Saved Arbitrage

Last night I saw drama thriller Arbitrage starring old but still attractive Richard Gere. The movie wasn’t so catchy and awesome but there is no doubt in this thing that Richard Gere saved the movie with his incredible acting talent.

He’s so chatchy about his work and most of years he worked in only one movie. Same that thing happened in 2012 because he worked in Arbitrage only. The movie is highly rated on imdb because of its thrill and Richard Gere’s acting.

Ending was a little bit happy but not as much as it should be. Movies are supposed to entertain us but not to make us cry or tensed. We pay our time and money to make us smile not cry. A happy ending could make Arbitrage more awesome and catchy. Overall that’s a movie to enjoy your weekend so don’t miss it.


3 thoughts on “Richard Gere Saved Arbitrage”

  1. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post. I’m glad you gave your opinion about Arbitrage. That’s the next movie on my list to see. I love Richard Gere and can’t wait to see the movie.


  2. I’m not much of a Richard Gere fan but how was Tim Roth? I really like the guy since I saw the series Lie to Me. That was what intrigued me about this movie. Sounds like it’ll be worth the watch though, probably wait for it come out on Blu-ray though.

    1. I didnt know Tim before but searched now and hes good with record but really I didnt like his acting. Richard has plus point which his beauty and attractiveness even after sixty. As I wrote movies int much pretty awesome but Richard is all in all.

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