Unfaithful vs A Perfect Murder

A Perfect Murder starring Michael Douglas released in 1998. Unfaithful starring Richard Gere released in 2002. I’ve watched both crime drama movies. If you’ve seen too then you would be known to similarities between those two films. In A Perfect Murder Michael Douglas comes to know about affair between his wife and a painter. Michael Douglas is a rich person in the movie so he shows some sensibility.


a perfet murder michael douglas

In thriller drama Unfaithful Richard Gere faces nearly same situation when his wife gets involved in affair with a bookkeeper. There Richard Gere makes a mistake and accidentally kills that book keeper. Filming location is New York city. Don’t you guys think that Richard has worked in movies more which has been filmed in New York city.  Have you guys remembered romantic drama Autumn in New York? Sad ending but a very nice and heart touching story.



unfaithful richard gere


Both Richard Gere and Michael Douglas played rich person roles in the discussed stories. They both deal with their wives’ affairs. In both films their wives make affair with ordinary persons. If you’ve not watched those ones then watch them then you will come to know similarities between A Perfect Murder and Unfaithful very well. Even imdb ratings of both movies are nearly same. A Perfect Murder has 6.4 imdb rating and Unfaithful has 6.6 imdb rating. Those mentioned things make both films similar in few ways. That is interesting and I’m sure that other movie geeks would have noticed discussed points.


2 thoughts on “Unfaithful vs A Perfect Murder”

    1. yeah you’re right americans remake sometimes but they remake awesomely. so I prefer Hollywood version always. Thanks for commenting. nowadays I dont give much to wordpress, even time I have I give to my youtube channel.

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