7 Sad Movies

Here is list of sad romantic movies that make you cry. Fiction is supposed to make us happy. None spends money to weep. But majority of movie geeks feel good about those types of stories.

1. Titanic

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet at their best acting and innocence fighting against cruel society laws, made me cry.

2. The Reader

Again Kate Winslet becomes victim of society’s bad people and gets away from her true and younger love. Cougar women would have liked the story I believe.

3. Sweet November

Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron love each other but can’t live together because it’s their destiny. That sucks and makes cry.

4. The Bridges of Madison County

Two old persons find their true love but they can’t be together because of circumstances. They sacrifice their love for others. Clint Eastwood at his best and Meryl Streep is spectacular Hollywood actress.

5. A walk to remember

No problem, no difficulty, they and everyone else is agreed to have them together but destiny won’t want this blessing. Life shouldn’t be like that.

6. Autumn in New York

Richard Gere is a lady-killer and careless person but then he finds true love. Daughter of his ex love. She died but she saved him for other women. It was so sad to see that strong man crying. That made me cry too.

7. The Notebook

They met and they loved each other but couldn’t live together longer. Fortunately they died together. Ryan Gosling is fit for the role.

All of them have imdb rating higher than 7 except Autumn in New York and Sweet November. You can find those saddest movies on Netflix. Another list of related films can be found on YouTube here Top 10 Sad Ending Movies of Hollywood


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