Brandon Wyse-My Screenwriting Teacher and An Awesome Friend

I met Brandon Wyse more than two years ago via Facebook when I was looking for a co-screenwriter to collaborate. I wrote him and got a positive and so supportive response from him. He was busy with his project so he didn’t collaborated with me but he did for me what he could. He helped me to learn basics of screenwriting and told me about Hollywood film industry. Still he supports me to learn about movies and screenwriting.

His Background:

Brandon born and raised in Illinois State but he came to Los Angeles, California to make his dreams come true. He’s screenwriter, actor, director and producer. God and Brandon:

He loves God more than screenwriting so this is why he couldn’t get success as much as he deserved. On other hand God won’t want him to be so famous and successful because He knows that Brandon won’t have much time for Him when he would be in Hollywood with an Oscar award in his hands but He wants him to like he’s now.

If you want to know about his hobbies then you should know that he’s only one hobby which is to serve God.

Brandon’s Looks:

He’s six feet tall and handsome. He got some similarities to Collin Farrel.

Personal Life:

He has a charming and talented daughter Alexus from his ex-wife and he’s engaged to Michelle Renee Wagoner, a pretty and wise lady. She’s so supportive for him. She proves that every successful person has back support from a woman.

Links To Brandon:





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