The Losers-I felt A Looser Myself After Watching The Movie

I like Chris Evans especially since watching him in Fantastic Four but in The Losers he couldn’t impress me. That’s not his fault. Poor direction and weak screenplay made the whole movie bad for me. That’s why all blame goes to director and screenwriter.

I’m a big fan of action crime movies but The Losers isn’t a movie which I really wanna see. That’s why I won’t recommend you either. But imdb rating of the movie which 6.3 made me wondered that why and how movie lovers liked The Losers.

There is no doubt in this thing that Hollywood filmmakers have money but still some of them haven’t enough brain to use their wealth. The Losers is a good example of their non-professionalism.


12 thoughts on “The Losers-I felt A Looser Myself After Watching The Movie”

  1. I’m also a fan of Chris Evans but the crime thing isn’t really something for me. I defenitly agree with you that some directors don’t know what to focus on in their movies and unfortunatly that could destroy the movie itself. 🙂

  2. Not heard of it but thanks for the heads up to totally avoid it! 😉

    Even some massive budget productions are a let down and makes me think that ‘movie effects’ and not enough screen writing talent goes into it. I have watched some low budget, movies that have blown my mind and out-does the big Box Office films. Many a time I have been let down by Top films and spell bounded by ones that are less well known.

    Why these films do not get enough press is beyond me. It’s a twisted industry.

    1. yeah I do agree with you and also its fact that different people have different choices. A thing I like but on the other hand you can dislike this thing, different people have different standards 🙂

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