Monsoon Wedding-An Awesome Family Drama of Bollywood

I’m really choosy about Bollywood movies but Monsoon Wedding was recommended by a friend so I watched and liked it too. I won’t write that I loved the movie because Monsoon Wedding types of movies aren’t my type. I don’t like to watch family drama.

Monsoon Wedding can be a real fantasy or fiction for a western person but an Indian or Pakistani person won’t enjoy the movie much because the story and characters are part of its daily life. You know movies are supposed to make us feel what we don’t see or can’t do.

Monsoon Wedding has no weak points technically because screenplay, direction and acting are awesome. Especially Naseeruddin Shah has done an awesome job. He’s great Bollywood actor. Awesome character in the movie is Parbatlal Kanhaiyalal Dubey who falls in love with Alice. She’s maid. Another cool thing which we don’t see in common life that America return groom forgives his fiancee for her affair. Its first Bollywood movie I ever seen which has no its own song.

Monsoon Wedding has 7.2 imdb rating which is really good for a Bollywood movie.


17 thoughts on “Monsoon Wedding-An Awesome Family Drama of Bollywood”

  1. I loved this movie!!! I have watched it over and over. The music is superb and the dancing, color and story lines are breathtaking!!! I also have the movie soundtrack! I agree – there are no weak points.

  2. I agree, Naseeruddin Shah did a fabulous job in this film. The character development is incredible and the actors do a superb job of bringing them to life.

    I’m glad you liked it, it is one of my all time favourites!

  3. One of my favourite films! Love the characters, especially Dubey Ji and Kulbhushan Kharbanda’s character, C.L. Chadha! My wife is Punjabi but I like this film more than her – perhaps for the reasons you mention. It makes me want to live in a bungalow in Delhi!! Mostly we end up staying in the village near Ludhiana!!

    1. Thanks for liking and commenting 🙂 Thats a really sweet movie but you as my age demands movies like it arent much special for me you know 😀 Thanks again

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