Yes Man- Jim Carrey Is Funniest Hollywood Actor

A WordPress friend from Sweden recommended me to watch Yes Man with Jim Carrey. I loved the movie. I’m thankful to my Swedish friend for such an awesome recommendation.

Jim Kerry is full of fun and he’s natural actor. Nice and unique type of story makes your time amazing and amusable. Funniest scene which made me laugh is when Jim Carrey and his co-work in office exchanges some signals between them.

Yes Man has impressive imdb rating 6.9. I’d love to recommend you that movie especially if you’re a little bit depressed or tensed then Yes Man can work like therapy. Hollywood comedic movies don’t impress me usually but Yes Man is full of comedy and romance too so I couldn’t stop me to laugh while I was watching it.


18 thoughts on “Yes Man- Jim Carrey Is Funniest Hollywood Actor”

  1. So strange you mentioned that movie…My son watched it on T.V last weekend!!
    Jim Carrey is a crack up!!
    Ive just finished watching the Spartacus series…OMG so much blood and gore! Lol
    Did that stop me liking it?…No Way!! xx

  2. My personality is open to all sorts of movies.Lol
    It depends what mood I’m in! *smiles*…I’m not much of a romantic…so there out!..*laughing*
    So I would have to say *Action*… Oh… and lets not forget the Tudor series!…Okay so I like drama too:) x

  3. I’m enjoying your blog Nafees; I’d like to ask you for some recommendations… to which email can I write to you? (I can’t find a button here to do that…). Thanks,

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