American History X-Edward Norton At His Best

American History X with 8.6 imdb rating really impressed me especially Edward Norton did an awesome job. He’s ability to look notorious and at once innocent at the very next moment and viewers feel no difference. I’m big fan of his acting.

I loved American History X but its ending made me sad. That shouldn’t be like that. They’ve chosen a right story and issue to highlight. Racism is bullshit.


14 thoughts on “American History X-Edward Norton At His Best”

  1. Racism is stupid!!!!..But unfortunately I think It’s always going to be a crappy part of society!
    Not seen this but will ad it to my list. Lol
    Hope you had a great weekend! x

  2. I was trying to explain that to my seven-year-old son when he kept asking questions about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He just couldn’t understand why people would throw rocks at him during a peaceful march let alone why someone would shoot him.

    1. your son is too little to understand those types of matters but just tell him that often good people face bad people and situations. Thanks

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