US Student Visa Interview-What Happened Actually

Past few days I wasn’t much online and was busy with preparations for US F1 student visa. Yesterday early morning at 7 A.M I had appointment for interview with US visa officer.

First of all it was like a mission impossible to reach the US embassy but at last I made that happen. When we people applying for visas reached at embassy gate through special bus service then sun hadn’t risen. After that we waited for long time in embassy’s big room. We were hearing what visa officers were asking to other applicants. I was so tired when she called “Token No 21 Window No 9”. I sighed and reached in front of the visa officer who was a sweet Japanese American young lady.

V.O: Hi

Me: Hi

She checked something on computer and without looking at me:

V.O: So you’ve applied to Minnesota State University?

Me: Yes.

VO: You applied for bachelor degree program.

Me: Yes

V.O: Whats you higher education?

ME: Bachelor in arts.

V.O: Can I see your grades.

I handed her over my DMC. She looked at.

V.O: If you’ve a bachelor degree already then why another bachelor degree?

Me: That degree was wrong choice of subjects so this time I try to make a right choice according to my best knowledge because I’ve been writing online for more than three years. So bachelor in English Literature from States will help me a lot in my future life.

V.0: Whos paying for you?

Me: My father.

V.O: What he does?

Me: He’s retired teacher.

V.O: Where he taught?

Me: In village school.

V.O: In village? Can I see your bank statement? How your father could manage that money then?

Me: When he retired he got some gratuity and we’ve other savings too.

I handed her over bank statement. She pressed some keyboard buttons then:

V.O: I don’t think so that he could bear your expenses for your study. You’ve money for first academic year but what about other ones? The bank statement isn’t enough to support your study.

Bank statement was covering more than what they required for first year expenses.

Bachelor degree after bachelor made her suspicious. She said that she was afraid that I won’t come back to my country after completing my studies in States. Her second fear was about my financial situation even I’ve more money than what they require for a academic year fees and living expenses.

V.O: Sorry, I don’t think so that you will come back after completing your bachelor degree. Here’s your passport.

Also she handed a paper to me with general details of a visa denial. It was a bad day for all students request student visa from Pakistan because she rejected almost all of them according to my knowledge and observation.


24 thoughts on “US Student Visa Interview-What Happened Actually”

  1. And just like that … well, either try till you get in USA (if this is where you really, really want to go), or try another country -:)!
    One way or the other – you will get there!

      1. This is such a lie! The US has some of the best universities yes. But not the most affordable.

      2. I searched and gathered data, it look months so am quiet sure that its right what I said and wrote. Thanks, Michael. You can search too.

  2. I’ve never applied a visa for anything, so that was interesting to read.

    I also never went to college, and I admire you for furthering your studies. I hope you’ll have better luck next time, and wish you all the best in getting into the school of your choice eventually, whether that’s in the U.S. or another country.

  3. Hi Nafees. All your blogging friends already said it but I will say it again, don’t stop, there is always a way. I am so very sorry for everything you’ve had to go through but just keep on, don’t give up, don’t every give up! And no it is not very smart for those who turned it down, actually down right dumb on their part. Penny

  4. That’s awful! Her reasoning for denying your visa makes no sense to me. People go back to school for all sorts of reasons. All I can really say is keep trying. I know my college has universities all over the world. Most the international students go to the Upper Iowa schools in their country, then transfer here. I’m sure there’s a way you can go to the school you want. Stay positive and keep trying! 🙂

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