I traveled To Dubai

Around 11 months ago on 22th November 2011 I was on Dubai airport to live and work but unfortunately or fortunately I came back to my homeland country Pakistan right after one week on 29th November 2011. I was so excited and pleased when I got there. A new world, people I never seen or met before.

My purpose was to work and live there in Dubai, U.A.E and so I got a job in Al-Bustan Residence & Centre with help of my second cousin. But that wasn’t as I expected things.

My salary was 700 U.A.E Dirham per month which is equal to 190 USD. Accommodation and two time breakfast and lunch were free at the hotel cafe. I had to cook or eat dinner with my own money from 190 USD. On holidays I had to care of my breakfasts, lunches and dinners myself from the paid salary. So that wasn’t a nice package for me.

Duty hours were 10, from 8 A.M to 6 P.M and I used to wake up right at 6:30 A.M with alarm clock because I had to get ready and catch company bus at 7:20 A.M from residence place Sonapur. Every morning shave, bath and tooth pasting was must.

We used to reach before 8 and taking breakfast, attendance and then reporting at Housekeeping office. I was cleaner in Housekeeping department. We take lunch in the hotel during duty hours then after completion of given tasks we reach the hotel bus at 6:30 P.M to heading towards accommodation place at Sonapur.

I couldn’t take pics of me and Dubai because I had no camera even not a cell phone so I’ve just two pics when I was at Dubai International Airport to leave Dubai.


20 thoughts on “I traveled To Dubai”

  1. At least you gave it a shot!
    How anyone can live on that sort of money I have no idea!!!

    BTW: I watched American History X …Good movie!!
    as for Salt Water..*gasp* I had tears through most of the movie! Lol

    My brother lives in the Northern territory Of Australia..I hate going to see the crocodiles!!
    I flew over Kakadu once in a small aircraft..the whole time I was praying that the plane wouldn’t crash!!! …Looking down into the water the crocodiles were huuuuge!

    1. Thanks for commenting. I’ve not watched Salt Water yet. lol crocodiles are scary. You’re animal lover so they wont harm you anyways 🙂 have an awesome night, I think it’d night in Australia now

      1. Nafees I’m laughing!! “stop crocodile.you will not harm me I’m an animal lover!” Lol

        To be precise it’s now 5.40pm!! Cooking dinner in between saying hi to my cyber friends!!! Lol x

    1. thats cool and you know that new things always fascinate us. Exploring is an awesome thing. I dont own my culture and politics but I do own my thoughts 🙂 so thanks for being interested in my thoughts. Nice to meet you. Where are you from?

    1. yeah one week but got big experience. I cant explained all what I learned and what happened to me because I’m bounded. By the way adventures should be little, its good for us 🙂

  2. Did you cook your famous egg when you had to feed yourself? 😉 I believe everything happens for a reason – this trip, the student visa … someone upstairs has a different plan for you. Allah is up to something. Isn’t it exciting? We’ll see what your ‘ever after’ turns out to be! 🙂

    1. aw thanks a Deba 🙂 you really made my day, yeah He has a plan which would be best for me but for now I’ve spent lots of my father’s and relatives’ money to make my future. That sucks :(. That wasnt a big deal if I did that with my own money. I’ll do my best to not disappoint ya 🙂

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