Magic Mike-Channing Tatum Is A Real Survivor

A week ago I watched a Hollywood movie Magic Mike which impressed me a lot. Magic Mike is a fiction but surely we can relate it to life of Channing Tatum who was a male stripper before.

I love Channing Tatum’s acting style because he looks so natural especially when he speaks. Magic Mike has good imdb rating 6.2. Heroic characters always inspire and in this movie Mike (Channing Tatum) helped a lot new male stripper.

Overall Magic Mike is an impressive biographic and comedic movie with romance too. Although imdb hasn’t mentioned romance as genre of the movie but it should be because Mike (Channing Tatum) leaves his job for his love only.  His deep concern to the new stripper is because of his love too who is sister of the new stripper.

What’s best about Magic Mike is Mike’s kindness and love for his beloved. I’m going to watch the movie again 🙂


16 thoughts on “Magic Mike-Channing Tatum Is A Real Survivor”

    1. sometimes just thing catch our mind and attraction then we forget all other things, it happened to me about Magic Mike. The thing was Mike’s love, he left his dream for his love. Thats what you never see in real life.

  1. Believe it or not, I actually enjoyed this movie a lot and mainly because of the actor’s involved, and all of their performances. Especially Tatum, who gives one of his most, fully-realized roles to date. Good post.

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