Only Van Damme Is Beauty of Universal Soldier-Regeneration

There’s no doubt in this thing that I’m a big fan of muscles from Brussels. Van Damme’s movies are best of action and thriller ones. That was main reason to watch Universal Soldier-Regeneration. But I didn’t like the movie much.

Universal Soldier-Regeneration is third part of Universal Soldier movies. First Universal Soldier was released in 1992 and I watched it few years ago and loved it. Also I loved Universal Soldier-The Return which has 3.7 imdb rating just action and Van Damme impressed me.

Now I watched third part of Universal Soldier movies which is Universal Soldier-Regeneration with 5.3 imdb rating but it has no attraction for me. Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren worked in all those movies except Universal Soldier-The Return.

You can enjoy action, Sci-Fi, adventure in those movies. Jean Claude Van Damme is back bone of Universal Soldier movies. There’s no doubt in this thing that if you’ve to make action movies in Hollywood then you’ve to work hard.