The Amazing Spider-Man Not Amazed Me Anyways

Last night I started to watch and this morning I finished remaining part of The Amazing Spider-Man but not liked much. There are several technical and professional mistakes in making of the movie.

Especially when a college fellow asks Peter (Andrew Garfield) is being asked by for taking photographs on Friday night.

So Marc Webb and James Vanderbilt please do us favor and don’t waste your money and our time. Thanks. James is screenwriter of The Losers too which I didn’t like either.

Marc Webb you should direct movies like (500) Days of Summer. But seriously you had no guts to become director of the Spider-Man movies.

Emma Stone acted well and no doubt she’s awesome but honestly Andrew Garfield couldn’t replace Tobey Maguire very well.

Still Amazing Spider-Man has 7.4 imdb rating which means that kids and teenagers watch and rate movies much :D.


12 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider-Man Not Amazed Me Anyways”

  1. It was an okay movie to me, but I just didn’t understand why a rewrite so soon after the last Spiderman movie, which was Spiderman 3 in 2007. Some new original story for that character would be more welcomed, at least for me. I would rather they have made Spiderman 4, with Tobey Maguire still in the role. I prefer him as Spiderman too.

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