Difference Between American People And English people

Few days ago I was chatting with my Lithuanian Facebook friend who was studying in America and nowadays on vocation in his homeland. Also she had visited England and some other parts of UK. I asked her about difference between American and British people. She explained in simple words that American people are easy going and English people are reserved type. She likes English type people but I love American type people who are easy to talk and communicate. But bad thing about States is that you need to be armed when you live in there. I’d love to quote Before Sunset. Celine (Julie Delpy) tells Jesse (Ethan Hawk) about her experiences about America when she lived in there.


46 thoughts on “Difference Between American People And English people”

  1. You don’t need to be armed. I suppose it depends on where you live, but here in California it is very ‘liberal’ and most people I know do not own a gun. I guess pretty much everybody is armed in Texas and Arizona, however, but that’s a different world from it is here.

    1. oh thank you very much for clearing about America but movies and news have very dangerous information about States. L.A based movies are full of action and crime. That scars me. I love America but no doubt I’m always afraid to live in there.

      1. Yeah, movies would have you believe it’s a lawless land full of violence and guns…but I grew up in Los Angeles and had a great childhood, always felt safe, played in the street with my friends, etc. I go to LA to visit family all the time and we run around at night having fun and people are generally pretty cool there. The news likes to sensationalize everything because it makes headlines, but remember…there are more than 20 million people in the Los Angeles area alone, so if you hear about a murder or something happening somewhere, they make BIG news about it, but there are actually 20 million people in the area so the percentage is actually quite low and it’s pretty easy to tell what areas to avoid and what areas are perfectly safe. It tends to be based in just a few little areas and doesn’t go out of those areas too often.
        Where I live now, in North San Diego, is by far the safest place I’ve ever been. The people here are all relaxed surfers and there is practically no crime rate at all. People walk around on the streets at any time of night without fear of anything at all.

      2. True, but still…it really is focused in certain areas, and if you don’t go to those areas it’s no big deal 🙂

      3. Also, I’m surprised that we are higher than South Africa. I have some friends from S.A. and they say it’s a lot like California except the dangerous neighborhoods are really really dangerous…like you just don’t go there….ever.

      4. Yeah my good friend Marya is Pakistani and she went to South Africa on a trip with her family. She said the other Pakistani people they met there told them to make sure to be indoors before dark every day because I guess there is a lot of violence against Pakistanis there. She said it’s a beautiful country and they had a great time, but they definitely stayed indoors after dark. It’s sad when I hear about things like that.

      5. No, I’m afraid she doesn’t use wordpress. It’s a shame too because I think she would have a lot of interesting things to blog about.

  2. LOL! Is that the impression we give? I’m not armed. Now, if a zombie apocolypse happens, I’m arming up! 😉 AND having the distinct advantage being English and living in the USA – I can agree. English people in general come across as a little more reserved, in contrast to Americans who wave at anyone and hug everyone. lol. But people are people no matter where they live.

    1. LOL you people defending States. You should and as I mentioned before I love US but life is in danger there. You can say as America is top in films, computers and other sciences, same like this US is on top in crimes. Most of serial killers live in States 😀 You’re an awesome combination of English and American society 😉

      1. There’s dangerous areas of course. Yeah, the police in the UK don’t carry guns … it is a little gun happy over here. I’m just saying, it’s not like you can’t walk down the street without an AK47 strapped to your back. LOL! 🙂

      2. LOL oh yeah I know, America is safer than Afghanistan and our tribal areas. But as compare to UK and other European countries US isnt a safer place to live 🙂 Even American hotites carry gun which scares me a lot 😉

      3. well, maybe it’s for the best – what with all us crazy gun toting Americans on the streets. 😉 I’m off to bed. (I’ll have my glock under my pillow) :p

    1. Oh yeah, I know, Also people are nice and amazing but still we cant avoid violence which is on top in states. My relatives live in Spring, TX, am not sure that they wont have arms because a year ago somebody stolen or robbed their money and other precious stuffs. But I never heard that type of news from my British relatives.

  3. That whole *Right To Bare Arms* thing in their constitution is scary! …if 3/4 of the population have a gun? I’m sure as heck gonna get one 2 if i lived there. ..Paula x

      1. In Western Australia where I live, only criminals,farmers and the police have guns! *laughing*
        We are closer to being like the British than the Americans. Hence the whole colony thing! *smiling*
        Don’t get me wrong I love America and think British Royalty is fascinating! …Paula xxxxx

      2. ha ha ha 😀 Paula, I like your sense of humor 🙂 American and Australian belong to English people originally. I love all English speaking people 🙂

  4. Hey Nafees,
    I’m not Australian, but I do know that they don’t like people confusing them as being English; they are a separate country. They may have the British Queen at the apex of their Government structure (her viceroys represent her), but they are not ‘English’.
    I am Welsh (British), and don’t like people confusing me as being English.
    In the United Kingdom, depending on where you live there can be differences in culture, history, language and even political views! Remember that the UK is made up of 4 countries; England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (all of which have their own and intertwined Government structures).
    Are the British in general reserved people? No, I don’t think they are!

    1. thank you very much for explaining and providing information about Australian people. that means they are more similar to English people. Thanks again 🙂

  5. Hey Nafees, I myself being British would have to agree with Savvy Senorita. Are we reserved people? Just like anywhere else I am sure a few of us are. But in general….no we are not :). I was born and raised in England and I lived in London for a few years before I emigrated to Canada, Quite often I would get asked if I was from Australia, but I wasn’t offended in anyway, I just didn’t quite get how they could confuse the too…LOL!!

    1. Pennie, thank you very much for long and detailed explanation 🙂 I don’t know much about countries you mentioned but I’ve a guess by information from other people that Canadian, English and Australian people are similar to each other in many ways 🙂 You know states is mixture of many nations so situation is different there. Regarding British people’s reservation; I don’t have an English Facebook friend except relatives 🙂

  6. I am not sure where all she went, but I have been to many states, and have not had this experience..not even close. I’ve been to Indiana (many times) Chicago, IL (Many times), Florida (Tons of times), South Carolina (a few), Georgia (a few), Michigan (a few), Ohio (many times), Kentucky (once), Texas (TONS AND TONS) and none of them were like this. Just normal, every day living. I have lived in the USA all of my life. I have not seen with my eyes violence anywhere like this except in other states from time to time on television. I see the most gruesome stuff over in Africa and places like that. It must just be the way we all see other places we’ve never been or something…. we see all of the news and sensationalism around it. Maybe it’s all over-imbellished or something. I don’t know.

    1. okay we’re not here to prove something so lets chill out 😀 thanks for reading that deeply and commenting so sincerely. You’re a really nice person. Check your email, I sent you one via wordpress.

      1. Who me? LOL I’m not heated! You’re taking me wrong. Nothing to chill about. I found it funny, to be honest… and interesting….to see what other people in the world think about the places you live and have been to. And thanks for your comment. I don’t really get all fired up like that. Writing sometimes is hard..makes it sound that way. It fails to reveal voice inflection, facial expression, and body language.

      2. ha ha ha I didnt mean that sorry. when I talk with a lady whos single I feel like a date chat 😀 so dont wanna ruin our chat with some political things which dont matter much for a family 😉

      3. LOL You’re funny. I am passionate about things…if you are a writer, this is the way you are… you are very passionate and you might get all worked up inside, but you never, ever judge the person or no longer “like” them. As long as there is healthy debate..keeps people learning more and more about one another. Although, like I said, I was not doing this here. I did not get an email from you, btw. was it on my ‘contact me’ area or my outlook email?

      4. it was on “contact me”. yep, you’re right, I agree with you. But most of time I act like an idiot so must tell me if I do before blocking me 😀

      5. Dear, we all act like idiots from time to time! Even more so when we try to convey something we are passionate about in writing. No matter how good of a writer you can be, it is different when dealing with all sorts of diverse people who do not know you. For instance, I am a passionate, loving, kind, compassionate person..very sensitive..would never be mean to someone intentionally in a million years… I feel bad if I hurt any living thing…yeah..even grasshoppers or crickets! LOL But some people take my passion in my writing that I am angry or cool…when this is the opposite of me. I’ve gotten used to it and try better to convey myself, but sometimes it’s just impossible for people to really take you the way you are when they don’t know you. All they say is your face, not your movement or hear your voice.

      6. aw thanks a lot Lyn your comments are longer like posts 🙂 its really great pleasure for me to be in contact with you. I gotta go now, sleep well and sweet dreams 🙂

  7. I also get misunderstood a lot because I post a lot of news by other sources. So people think my news I post is “always” my opinion..but it is not always the case.

  8. One needs to be careful on their sources – wait until you personally experience various countries and cultures – experiences are objective. Never rely on others to base aid form your opinions.

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