Savages-It Could be Awesome With Some Changes

Before last night I watched Savages crime drama thriller which are my favorite genres except drama. There was some action too and I loved it. But overall movie couldn’t inspire me much. Especially one girl and two guys thing won’t make a sense to me. Although I’ve never been in a relationship but still that thing is so strange and unbelievable for me. Even the movie has 6.7 imdb rating but still it’s not my type. Another bad thing about the movie was unsuitable voiceover. Third reason to dislike Savages was sad ending which I’d never expect for a movie. Good thing about the film is that everyone acted awesomely especially John Travolta.


2 thoughts on “Savages-It Could be Awesome With Some Changes”

  1. I went to hire out the last 2 movies you recommended…we are so behind the rest of the world! *laughing* not even out till the end of the month. Maybe the movie god will be on my side this time and have this one? Lol . Hope your having a good week? …Paula xxx

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