Ted-A Comedic Fantasy Which Made Me Laugh A lot

Last night I was tensed and depressed so wanted to watch an action thriller movie because movies with thrill and action bring me back in life. But I had Ted with Mark Wahlberg who I loved in Shooter. He’s action actor so comedy isn’t his genre. So if they would replace him with another funny actor then Ted could be more awesome. Mila Kunis acted well and no doubt shes a dark beauty. Ted was the character who made me laugh a lot. I loved screenplay and dialogues even although Seth MacFarlane used some unusual words and uncivilized language. All credit goes to Seth. No doubt he’s a good actor, screenwriter and director too.

It is a fact that Hollywood isn’t best place for comedic movies but Ted is one which made me laugh badly. I’m not a big fan of fantasy but Ted amused me a lot. Every word, every scene and every character made me laugh especially happy ending. Ted has 7.4 imdb rating which is great. O yeah, we all need thunder buddies.


19 thoughts on “Ted-A Comedic Fantasy Which Made Me Laugh A lot”

  1. So it’s funny! Yes?…not sure it was my cup of tea, but maybe I should give it a chance!
    When I’m down ,I like watching action or drama too! Keeps you on the edge of your seat and I love that! Being depressed just keeps you from getting out of bed:( Remember the song? Don’t Worry Be Happy! I know what?…next week I’ll post the song so you can here it!
    Because you can’t get you-tube! Right? x

    1. aw thanks a lot, Puala for your time and concern. Yeah, youtube hasnt been working here 😦 You’ll love the movie, watch it, you’ll laugh loudly I bet 😀

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