Famous British Actors & Actresses In Hollywood

Here’s list of British actors and actresses from UK. Most of them belong to England, UK. No most famous female actresses from Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Actors &  Actresses from England:

Jason Statham, Kate Winslet, Kate Beckinsale in London, Clive Owen, Keira Knightley, Rachel Hanna Weisz, Rhona Mitra, Robert Pattinson, Tom Hardy, Daniel Redcliffe, Ralph Fiennes, Orlando Bloom, Daniel Craig, Jude Law, Colin Firth, Alex Pettyfer, Michael Caine, Hugh Laurie, Hugh Grant, Andrew Garfield, Sean Bean, Rosamund Pike, Catherine McCormack, Christopher Eccleston, Nicholas Hoult, Luke Goss and martial artist actor Scott Adkins.

Actors From Scotland:

James McAvoy, Sean Connery and Gerard Butler.

Actors & Actresses From Wales:

                                    Anthony Hopkins, Christian Bale, Rhys Ifans and Catherine Zeta Jones.

Liam Neeson is from Northern Ireland, UK.


15 thoughts on “Famous British Actors & Actresses In Hollywood”

  1. John Hannah, from East Kilbride, Scotland needs to be added to the list. Known for his roles in The Mummy movies, Sliding doors, Four weddings and a funeral, Spartacus HBO TV series.

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