How I Can Make Living With Blogging Or Any Other Way?

I love WordPress and its community because you’re writers like me. You think, feel and act like me. I wanna make necessary living with my blog but I don’t know how I could. I don’t wanna make lots of living but around a hundred bucks would be enough for me. I’ve read about Google Adsense and other things but these choices need a separate website which I can’t afford now. First I’ve to earn some money to purchase web hosting. Thanks a lot for reading. I’m looking forward for sincere and helpful tips.


23 thoughts on “How I Can Make Living With Blogging Or Any Other Way?

  1. Honestly you won’t make a living from blogging. With WordAds I look like paying some of my computer costs and that is all. I do it for the fun and didn’t want to transfer my Blog to a hosted site so I could run Google ads. Ran Google on a Blogger site for about 3 months but the earnings per thousand hits was meager. WordAds is better. We would all like to create another Facebook but it will be a long term project for me to get Bear Tales paying all computer expenses. Good luck.

    • Thank you very much Ken. I really appreciate your response and details you told. I dont wanna earn much as I told that around a hundred bucks per month would be enough for me. Again thanks for your time and information.

  2. Google adsense is not attractive, its is like a dying site, you can’t get such community there like WordPress. For months I ran Adsense in one of my site but did not yield anything. I abandoned the site. In fact they make money out of that.

    • Thank you very much, nowadays average hits on my blog have been around 250. I need couple of months to reach the destination you and arjun told. Thanks again for your time and concern 🙂

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