What Happened on Dubai International Airport

I couldn’t believe what was going on. That was like a dream. When the plan landed on Dubai International Airport, Dubai then I was excited and amazed. It was totally different from Islamabad International Airport, Pakistan. I was seeing a new world, a totally new world. I hadn’t seen those people before ever in my whole life. They were Caucasians, Africans, Asians, Europeans, Arabs, Indians and Chinese people. I never saw them in person before.

I didn’t know that where to go and what to do. Then a Pakistani companion from the plane asked me to follow him and I started to follow him on huge and big Dubai Airport. I kept following him long way and then we reached in a big hall where were long and many lines of peoples who just landed on Dubai International Airport.

First we stood in a line for eye scan. It was long time to wait and I was fed up because I was so excited to see Dubai outside. At last my turn came and the Arab official who had to take my eye scan looked at me and said “wait” and then he saw my passport and said in Urdu and Arabic “Sabbar” (wait). I waited few two or three minutes then he came back as he had no care that there’s a long line of waiters. That’s power of monarchy :D.

After eye scan I went to entry stamps lines which were dozens or maybe and every line had more than a hundred persons in it. I stood in a line. After two or three minutes two Caucasian men asked me “Are you American”. I said “No”. They said “This line is for Americans”. I got confused and left the line. Then I asked an Airport official wandering there. He was African. “Is that line for Americans only” I asked. He said “No”. There are no specific lines for specific countries. I stood in that line again. American persons looked at me and then they left for another line.

grabbed from Google images

Now I was standing after a tall, maybe he was around 6’6” feet tall. Maybe my body touched his accidentally and he stared at me with angry eyes. He was listening songs on his mobile with earphones in ears. After long wait Arab official stamped my passport and I nearly ran for my luggage happily.

I ran here and there for my luggage, asked few officials wandering there. They told me then at last I took my luggage and walked out where people were waiting for their guests. Then I saw my second cousin who had seen me already. I met him and we left the airport in Al-Bustan’s vehicle. It was 22th November but I felt it was a summer evening when I stepped out the vehicle. Hello Dubai J


20 thoughts on “What Happened on Dubai International Airport”

  1. Hi Nafees, in August 2012 I flow Hamburg – Dubai – South-India. Wow, what an airport in Dubai. I was speechless. If you are interested, you can see pics from the aircraft emirates over Dubai. It looks awesome. The name of the blog is .yarnwuseleienindia.wordpress.com

  2. I can feel how nervous and excited you were! Even though it didn’t work out and you went back home, are you glad for the experience of seeing another country?
    Who know’s maybe you can give it another shot some time? I stopped at the Dubai airport on my way to Rome. I’ve traveled quite a bit and even I was overwhelmed at there airport! I think the Arab
    women are very attractive,.As for the amount of gold some of them have dripping of them…OMG!!
    Paula xx

  3. I was living in Mexico City and I remember years ago, when there was a very serious student strike at my university, I was flying back home to the States. I was asked by a very big Customs Official what my business was in Mexico City. When I told him I was at the university, he sent me to a line to get my luggage checked. There were two Asians getting their luggage checked before me and a green-haired skater behind me. I think he may have thought I was a drug smuggler. Oh well…it turned out to be interesting because the customs official I had was very nice and I eventually gave him my email. Funny how things turn out… 🙂

  4. Nafees, A funny post to read now, but I’m sure at the time there was nothing funny as to how the officials treated you or other arrogant guys behaved toward you. When travelling, many situations happen at the immigration or customs. I have quite many war stories too (it is an expression, not a real war). 😀 ))) Fae.

    1. Fae, thank you very much for reading and commenting 🙂 yeah it was fun and a little bit trouble too. Dubai airport is most awesome place of Dubai except winter beaches 🙂

  5. Never seen Dubai but in photos but they seem to be investing their resources to provide for when the region’s oil dries up. Another facet of monarchy, perhaps. It’s interesting to see the different reactions toward waiting in long lines. I remember once a small, elderly Chinese lady came from her flight to see a very long customs lin; she walked up to about the middle of the line and inserted herself. The people already in line just looked at each other and shrugged…

  6. Thank you for your “like” on my Christmas blog post Nafees. I was interested to read about your experience in Dubai Airport. I stopped off there on the way to Australia a few years ago with my 12 year old daughter (for whom the whole trip was her first flying experience anyway) and we were both enormously impressed. She still occasionally talks of Dubai Airport with awe and pleasure as one of the highlights of our trip!

    1. welcome and its nice to know that you enjoyed Dubai airport. I didnt visit Dubai beaches but I think airport is most awesome place of dubai. best wishes for you and your angel.

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