The Devil’s Advocate-Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron

I watched and loved The Devil’s Advocate. Especially Al Pacino impressed me first time of his three movies I watched. First I saw him in action crime movie Heat. Then I thought Robert De Niro was main character. Al Pacino didn’t impress me then. Few days ago I watched Al Pacino again in The Son of No One but still he couldn’t impress me. Now I watched him in The Devil’s Advocate as Devil and got impressed by his acting. Yeah, he deserves to be a Godfather of Hollywood.

First I saw Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron together in romantic drama Sweet November and now again I watched them in Devil’s Advocate. All acted awesomely but Charlize Theron acted more awesomely as a young and new actress then she was. She looked cuter and more innocent then.

The Devil’s Advocate is one of lovelies movies I ever seen. The movie has 7.4 imdb rating. That movie and Keenu Reeves’ fantasy horror Constantine well represent God and Devil thing. Those movies tell us that actually what God and Devil want.

Overall The Devil’s Advocate is an awesome mystery thriller which would amuse everyone. That’s a movie which you can watch again and again.


15 thoughts on “The Devil’s Advocate-Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron”

  1. I’m glad you caught this one, Nafees! I enjoyed it very much too. And I never thought of Constantine, but now that you mentioned it, yes they do have a connection in subject matter.

      1. Oh you’re welcome, and thank YOU for having such an interesting blog. I love movies, and I also enjoy your other posts on other stuff.

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