Life of Pi-Awesome Combination of Indian, American, Spanish and Taiwanese Talents

I’ve not watched Life of Pi yet but checked it on in new release movies. Then I checked that movie on imdb and got stunned when read full cast and crew.

The story is based on best seller novel written by Spanish novelist Yann Martel. Screenplay is written by David Magee who is American screenwriter.  Life of Pi is directed by Taiwanese director Ang Lee. Filming location is Montreal, Quebec, Canada, India and Taiwan.

Major roles are played by Indian actors and actresses. Character of young Pi is played by Suraj Sharma and adult Pi is played by Bollywood star Irfan Khan who worked in many Hollywood movies too.

Life of Pi seems an awesome adventure drama which has 8.3 imdb rating. But the thing which amazed me a lot is combination of talents from different nations together. I hope Life of Pi would be an awesome movie to see.


37 thoughts on “Life of Pi-Awesome Combination of Indian, American, Spanish and Taiwanese Talents”

  1. Hi Nafees, I was travelling for 6 weeks (limited internet access) and just got back. Thanks for your support while I was away. This movie is going to be shown in USA very soon (in 3D). Can’t wait to see it. I saw the preview and the movie reviewer was saying that it is best not to read the book before you see the movie. 😀 Fae.

  2. How do you get the time to watch all these movies? I only like going to the movies for the popcorn and fairy floss! *laughing* if they didn’t have it I would stay home and watch it on the T.V.
    What food do you like to sit and eat whilst watching these movies? xxx

    1. aw Puala, I’ve not watched this one yet and I’d be dead without watching movies. They keep my soul alive, hm I dont eat while I watch movies but yeah I’d be so nice eating while watching a movie. Great idea. More I need a partner too 😉

  3. I want to see this movie, but am waiting to get to a 3D theatre, as I heard it’s well worth waiting for. Thanks for visiting me on a regular basis. I hope you got a laugh on today’s post. Dating can be so challenging, especially on-line. Is that done in your country ? I had a blast writing the profile. Laughed most of the way through it.

      1. It’s quite amazing to hear there are still arranged marriages, although I know this occurs more frequently in other parts of the world.
        Such an odd idea for Americans, who have such freedom. How do you feel about that ? And what if you don’t find her attractive ? Then what ?

      2. Did your family arrange for you to marry ? I think I would run away. Unless I really liked him. What is your life like there ? Have you traveled at all ? To the West ?

      3. Thanks God, my family cant, I’ve freedom to choose my bride myself. Sigh. some girls run away too. I traveled to Dubai for work purpose. You can check travel category on my blog. Never traveled west but really want to.

      4. I am so glad you have that choice. I can’t imagine not having one, but then I live in the U.S. Come visit. It will open your eyes, but I must say, not all of it is good. We have a lot of problems in our country and over the past 10 years or more, have only found it decaying more. Still, as of now, I can’t see living in any other country. There is no replacement for freedom.
        Are you a film-maker or screen writer full-time or do you do other work ?
        Also, would you mind reblogging my most recent post on “You NEED to watch this.” It’s a very informative video, that contains vital information and a real solution to a world wide problem. One the U.S. has had wrong for a long time. Thank you and have a blessed day

      5. Thank you very very much 🙂 I tried to get US student visa but couldn’t get approval. Check education category of my blog then you’ll find what happened. I was aspiring screenwriter but have not been writing because I’m far away from States. An American screenwriter said me that when he’d make a screenwriting company then he’d hire me as screenwriter so it means I’ve guts and talent but am at wrong place. Youtube is banned here in Pakistan so i cant see the video sorry.

      6. You just seem more evolved and creative, to not have access to certain outlets that might benefit you. Especially because you like film. Sometimes, I forget how much freedom we have here, despite our problems.
        Did you see my post about the mass shooting of those little children a week ago last Friday ? Had you heard of it there ?
        I hope your holidays were good. Do you celebrate Christmas ?

      7. thank you very much for your concerned and kindness. Yeah I heard of that brutal shooting. No, we dont celebrate that event. I hope you had great time.

      8. I am happy to hear from you. I didn’t post for about a week, because I was so busy, but since I’ve been back on 4 or 5 days now, I hadn’t seen you. You have always been one of the first to respond to my posts, to like them, so I was concerned, Are you not writing much these days ? Or not visiting as much ? What do you celebrate ? Sorry for my ignorance. I think I mentioned I am very interested in different cultures. Are you Islam or Moslem ? What do they celebrate ?
        Also, would it be dangerous for a western woman to go to Pakistan ?

      9. sorry, if you visit my page then you’d come to know that I was off to attend my uncle’s wedding. I came back on 25th late night. So now I’ve started to use WordPress. I love to response you. I’m Muslim. Visiting Pakistan isnt much dangerous for western ones but Americans ones can get in trouble here. You can check US embassy website for more information. I always your concern and much appreciate that you give your time to me.

      10. I hope you enjoyed your holiday, but you don’t celebrate Christmas, do you ?
        I didn’t think it would be too safe for Americans in Pakistan. Interesting note. I just heard that women in Pakistan, Bangladesh and I think one or two other countries, have started to protest about the crimes against women that go unpunished.
        The woman from India, who was brutally beaten, raped and died has incited protests and demonstrators throughout the world.
        I am glad about that. I hope her life will have meant something. I was so sad to hear some men could actually do such brutal things to a person.
        Is there a lot of crime against women in your country ? Guess where she and her fiance were coming from ? An upscale mall. They had just left the cinema, after seeing The Life of Pi.

      11. so sad to hear about victim girl’s story. God bless her soul. unfortunately we’ve crime against every weak person including men and women. Also we’ve powerful women too, people respect them especially in families they worth a lot.

      12. I don’t see my reply to you, so I don’t know if the last email went through. I said about arranged marriages, that unless I liked the person, I think I would run away. Did your family arrange for you to marry ?

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