Johnny English Reborn-Rowan Atkinson Is Comedy King

I always said that Hollywood and other western film industries aren’t at good comedy but Rowan Atkinson made me wrong. He’s real comedy king. Especially his Mr. Bean movies are full of comedy.


I’ve not watched Johnny English but a while ago I saw Johnny English Reborn and couldn’t stop me to laugh loudly :D. The movie has 6.1 imdb rating which isn’t bad.

Rowan gives really funny expressions which make me laugh. I always say that British film industry has two incredible film characters; James Bond and Mr. Bean. Johnny English movies are funny version of James Bond movies. I’m sure you’d love funny James Bond. Jonhnny English’s adventures are totally fun.

If you’re depressed then Rowan Atkinson’s comedy can make you feel better. He’ll kill your depression. When I was watching Johnny English Rborn then my eyes got tearful because I laugh that much especially when English joins MI7 in meeting with British prime minister.

I’d appreciate screenwriter team and film director too. They did an awesome job. More, I won’t much words for appreciating then movie because you know Rowan Atkinson is best at making you laugh without words.


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