How To Train Your Dragon-Best Animate Movie I ever Watched

A year ago I watched Hollywood animated movie How To Train Your Dragon and loved it. I’m not big fan of animated movies though. But that one impressed me a lot. I wanna have a dragon now 😀

How To Train Your Dragon is an awesome story which is full of adventure and comedy. That movie has awesome animation. The movie has 8.2 imdb rating which is really impressive.

All credit goes to movie directors Dean Deblois and Chris Sanders. Also we can’t avoid screenwriter William Davies who written an awesome script. William wrote Johnny English, Johnny English Reborn and Puss In Boots too.

Everything in the movie is awesome especially Night Fury and her expressions. I couldn’t recognize Gerard Butler’s voice. Could you?

I can’t wait for How To Train Your Dragon 2 which will be released in 2014 maybe.


23 thoughts on “How To Train Your Dragon-Best Animate Movie I ever Watched”

    1. Scarlett, thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting. I love animated movies for what they show in especially greenery, beaches and totally clean everywhere.

  1. This is great movie… My friend dragged me to the multiplex when it released and I was hardly interested until the movie started,.. But when it started, loved every bit of it… Good article… Keep it going! 🙂

  2. I looooooove How to Train Your Dragon. Other animated films you might like are The Iron Giant, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Naussica, and I personally really like Lilo and Stitch. Can you tell I was an animation major for a year? haha!

  3. I only saw this yesterday or the day before, but had missed the first hour without realising it. I really enjoyed it. Wish Pickup had not lost one foot though.

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